I have watched the Domestic Violence advert which was first shown in May 2014, the advert is 1 minute and 50 seconds long which makes it a reasonably long advert compared to the usual 30 seconds. The advert is filmed in a public place during the day with bright colours to show how exposed and close the violence is happening to members of the public. The most common camera angles used are long shots focused on the man and the woman to capture what they are doing as well as how the public are reacting. At the end of the advert there is some large bold text which  covers most of the screen, this text has statistics providing information that reassures you that the advert is not pointless and made up for profit.

This advert is in place to make people aware about domestic violence and to show how it is much more common than people think. Another important thing in this advert is to show how domestic violence occurs between both sex’s, as many people will just think woman are the victims. This advert is also trying to raise money for certain charities such as ‘Mankind Initiative’ which raises money for supporting male victims of domestic violence. This advert is trying to make people feel more sympathy towards the male population, and show how females are not always the vulnerable ones. As soon as the advert makes the audience feel sympathy or emotion then it has worked because that is when they will become more aware of the situations.

What this advert is trying to make you give your money to is the ‘Mankind Initiative’ charity. I have researched this charity and have not found any more adverts as this is a charity with little funds, and also has much room left to keep on expanding and developing.

Every advert has a different technique, and this technique used for the advert needs to be chosen before it is made. The techniques are so important because of the fact that they catorgorise the adverts in order to target the correct audience, you need the correct technique for the right advert or else it will not have a good impact on you. For example you could not use a humourous technique in a domestic violence advert as it will portray a negative image, and cause a disturbance. The messages are being put across through the use of fear and emotions and politics and social reference, first of all the use of fear and emotions comes from shocking the audience through showing the man and the woman having an argument. This makes you realise how these things are really happening and how you should take them seriously. And the politics and social reference comes from the fact that these things are really happening so it is a real life issue and these things need to be changed to make the world a better place.

In conclusion to this I do believe it is a good advert because it provides you with the correct information which it is trying to do, it has made me more aware that both sex’s can be the victim of domestic violence. This advert does work as like I have said it does what it sets out to do, also I believe it does encourage people to go out and donate money to the charity because it makes you feel empathy towards either character in the advert as it gives it from two points of view, the male towards the female and the female towards the male.


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