Have you got PPI? Short Film made by Felix, Mark, Grace, Hannah and Gemma

Today we were given the task to make a short film about a prop, we were given an old telephone to use. So we started off my coming up with ideas on what we could do and once we had all agreed on an idea we then story boarded it. We wanted to make our idea slightly scary but humorous at the same time and I believe we did that well.

Once we were finished planning we were then given an hour to film our project, we used a couple of different locations in the college building to film and in the end with a bit of editing I think our idea will turn out well. We used different sounds throughout the film to make it more interesting, first of all we played the sound of an old ringing telephone in the background when necessary, and then we wanted a creepy sounding voice for the other end of the telephone. We did this through using a robotic sounding voice on one of our phones and I believe that was one of the most important parts of our project.


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