Short Film


The photos above are just a quick look at the graveyard we are going to be filming in.

Today we started off by developing ideas for a short film which had to have the title ‘Creep’, we first had to decide what genre we should use and after careful decision we chose to make a horror. We were all happy with this and then we started the pre-production paper work, first of all we wrote down the initial ideas including each others ideas on what could happen and what camera angles to use, then we moved onto to developing this and being more specific so when we get to the production process we will just have to follow a plan. Gregg started off by making the storyboard as this is what he felt most confident doing, the rest of us then left the college for half an hour to scout an area which I had in mind to film in. We arrived there and discussed potential areas in which to film, once we had decided we took photos and then went pack to the college and showed Gregg what we had been up to, we all agreed that it was a suitable area to film our production.

The area we chose to film in is a graveyard on a hill with good lighting, even though there are large trees in and around the graveyard, it just makes it look much better and it fits the horror genre very well. In our short film we are not going to have any dialogue but instead just sounds you would hear plus more to emphasize the horror genre, the basic sounds we are going to implement are footsteps, wind, birds, cars etc. However the scarier sounds we are going to include are breathing, rustling, screaming and a shock-suspense element at the end of the film.

And we can’t just add the sounds in randomly when we are editing the video, we have to write a script showing exactly when those sounds are going to play, not only is this more professional but it makes it much easier when we get to the editing stage, as well as this we are going to have to complete a recce sheet. We completed the first part of this when we went and scouted the location and took photos, but we now have to write about it in much more detail and if there is a formal owner of the land we will need to get them to sign a permission slip to say that legally we can film there.


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