Creep, a short film by Felix, Gregg, Marc, Brandon and Dan

Continuing from my last post about our short film creep we have finished all of the paper work and filmed all of the clips. When filming we made sure we had a few different takes from each scene as well as different camera angles, this is incase one of the clips isn’t how we want it to be then we have a couple of backups, secondly we filmed each scene from a couple of different angles so it becomes more interesting to watch and your not just watching the same angle/shot constantly as that becomes very tedious. We were then asked to edit two different copies as we were in a group of 5, this was not only to give us all a chance to get to use the editing software but to get a wider variety of films. Where Brandon and Dan went and edited the planned short film myself, Gregg and Marc went out and put together a lighter more humorous film, involving all of the outtakes which are very amusing, we structured our film in the same way we planned on the storyboard so even though we have implemented humor it follows our original storyline.


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