Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – 22 Jump Street – Scene Remake

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are both American born producers and writers best known for their involvement with The Lego Movie (2014) and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009), as well as this they also both directed 22 Jump Street (2014) together. To help him on the way to this industry, Phil Lord attended Ransom Everglades High School and then graduated from Dartmouth College in 1999, However Christopher Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1997. I have decided to look into both of these producers/directors becuase I am going to working in a small group recreating a scene from the movie 22 Jump Street.

I have decided to choose this film scene to recreate with my partner for this project (Yousef), we have chosen this scene because we both know the film well and are intrigued by this scene. This is because we are sure that we can remake this in such a way that it very closely resembles the original scene, as well as this we already know some actors who can play the different characters excellently, and know of locations that look almost identical to those on the film which we are going to use.

I will have to analyse this video in great detail before I can start the pre-production documents, I will need to look at things like the camera angles/shots, lighting, setting, cast, costume, editing techniques and much more. I aim to remake this scene to resemble the original scene as closely as possible, and this can not be achieved without hard work and determination.

Me and the person I am working with for this project are now progressing with the idea about remaking the ‘Cynthia, Slam Poetry’ scene from 22 Jump Street. We are now looking into actors to play the 3 main characters in this scene, as well as a few extras to sit in the background who should be easy enough to get. We are planning on getting our main characters from the drama department as they will be experienced and up for the challenge, the only problem we may face is getting actors who look similar to the characters in the scene.

22 jump street remake

This is the location used in the poetry scene, its just a small stage in a reasonable sized room so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable location to film in and we already have a few idea so we will just have to get in contact with the locations owner.

Along with this we will be completing the pre-production documents which involve things like recce, risk assessment, script, storyboard etc. We have both completed these documents many times on different projects so this shouldn’t be too difficult for us. And I believe if we plan well and continue to follow these plans we will have a successful, professional looking scene remake.


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