22 Jump Street – scene remake analysis

This is our chosen film scene to remake.

This video is 1 minute and 27 seconds long which is a decent size to remake a film scene as it is not too long, the original film was released on 13th June 2014. This scene is filmed in a bar/venue with dim lighting, the scene follows generally the same pattern cutting from Jonah Hill on stage to the audience reaction. As well as this there are a few different shot types used to keep it interesting, a ‘mid-shot’ is most commonly used in this scene although ‘two-shots’ ‘close-ups’ and ‘long-shots’ are used as well to make the scene a lot more interesting. As you can see in the photo below it is an ‘over the shoulder shot’ although it is different to the usual you would see as the main focus is much further away than usual so it may be confused with a ‘long shot’. Moving on from the camera shots the location is in a bar/venue with a spotlight on the stage and a dimly lit audience.

22 jump street remake

Every video has different techniques, it is what categorizes videos and makes them appeal to different people. This video has been made with thorough planning, with any video careful planning needs to be involved, as without it you will not have a plan to follow which means you will not know exactly what you are doing and what you have to do. So the more planning you do the better the finished product will be, as well as this if someone asks you how you did that or why you did this then you can look back on your planning/pre-production and know exactly why. This film/film scene is successful because it does exactly what is has set out to do, which is entertain an audience. 22 Jump Street is described as a action/comedy/crime, I believe that the film is exactly that, for example in our chosen scene to remake it is just involving an entertainment/comedic element, I believe that the original film and our remake have successfully done this.

In conclusion to this it is a successful film scene doing exactly what it sets out to do, primarily to entertain an audience which I believe it has done. When I was watching the film scene I did not lose interest, I remained entertained throughout the whole thing.


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