Mars Product Research

Mars is a chocolate bar manufactured by the American chocolate company Mars, incorporated. It first came around in 1932 in Slough, United Kingdom and was advertising as being made with Cadbury’s own chocolate. In 1932 Mars started off by just renting a factory in Slough and only had 12 members of staff, and since then the company has only grown in size and will continue to do so. The basic recipe has remained almost identical with only the size of the bar and the proportions of the main components changing over the years. With minor variations, this variation is sold worldwide with the exception of the US. The product is so distinctive world wide because it will always be found in the black wrapper with red, gold-edged lettering which has stuck over the many years this product has been around.

Mars“Pleasure you can’t measure” – The Mars slogan which was intended to appeal more to woman and youths. Through the years Mars have released many limited edition products to widen their range, here are a few examples.

  • – Mars Dark and Light          – Mars Gold
  • – Mars Lite                            – Mars Miniatures
  • – Mars Vanilla                       – Mars Honeycomb
  • As well as the limited edition products released by Mars there has also been some spinoff products such as,      – Mars Ice-Cream Bars – Mars Planets – Mars Mix

Mars have also had many slogans over the years, some of their former slogans were,

“Out of this world!”   “Earth, what you’d eat if you lived on Mars”   “Another way to make your day”

And of course there are a number of current slogans used across the world to, for example,

“Mars your day”   “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”   “Mars, pleasure you can’t measure”   “Recharge on Mars”

And how else could you advertise your product without successful advertisements? Here are a few of their most popular.


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