Audience Classification

Audience classification is a certain way of defining audiences, through using letters ranging from A – E in a table it can determine which social class you are in. This can be helpful when completing research on an audience, for example if you are a making a video you will need to know who you are targeting it for as a higher class person will not want to watch the same thing as someone who is unemployed. This is where people disagree with his classification system as it is discriminating people from certain things, telling you that you belong in this category. And of course this is wrong from the simple fact that everyone is different and you don’t have Social Class classification tableto belong to a certain social class to show an interest or like a certain thing. As well as this it is quite stereotypical with describing what jobs belong in what categories, although the table is set out like this many people will disagree with the jobs that have been put there. For example an electrician may completely disagree with being put in the C2 category as they may think they contribute much more to the economy than an office worker, they also think that they belong to the working class label. For me this table is way too basic, in my opinion it needs to be much broader and more specific to each job role and social status. There needs to be more to read about so people can understand it better and feel more comfortable with where the table will position them, also with a larger more specific table it will be much fairer to everyone, and seeing as at the moment there is no mention of students they are being discriminated against and have a huge impact on the economy.


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