Job Roles within the Media Industry

I have been researching job roles within the media industry that I have shown an interest in a few different job roles, I’ve been looking on the BECTU website which shows a number of jobs within the industry and gives you the option of further researching that job by giving you more information about what it is, what you do and what the pay is like. The jobs I have looked at are,

  • Storyboard artist – £1,800 – £2,400
  • Conceptual artist – £1,800 – £2,400
  • Graphic designer – £1,200 – £1,800

The above pay rates are given from an individual major feature film, so obviously smaller jobs will pay less.

  • Editor
  • 8 hour day – £192.69
  • 11 hour day – £276.98
  • 50 hour week – £1204.28
  • 60 hour week – £1565.57

You will not get this pay everywhere but this is the average pay for editing soaps, depending where you go or what soap it is it will be different.


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