Advertising Evaluation

We were given the task to make an advert for a product given to us, our product was a Mars bar which had to be aimed at woman between the age of 40-45. To start with we all got together as a group and put our ideas onto paper, at this point anything was useful but eventually we came across something they we all like. So from that we developed this idea which was to have a classier more sophisticated chocolate bar for the slightly older woman, we then had to think about what woman in their early 40’s were into, so again these ideas were all put onto paper and piece by piece we put together a rough storyline. From this the next day Aaron came in with a script, we all had a look and loved the idea, so from this we all had to complete different pieces of pre-production documents. I decided to complete the storyboard as that is what I felt I could do best at, again we all liked it but a few days later I had to change it as there was some slight changes to the script and overall advert. I was not bothered with doing it again as I knew what we came up with was a better, stronger idea. By the end of the pre-production everything was done to a high standard, it was all completed on time and everyone in the group did their fair share.

Technically I would say our advert was a success, we were well organised and everything was done on time. As far as filming was concerned it was a great success, we booked out the upstairs TV studio in college and managed to film it all within a couple of hours. We knew to get the best possible footage we had to film each shot a few times from a few different angles, when we got to the editing stage we were glad we did so and as a result we were finished with a great quality, profassional looking advert. Regarding the ASA they could not find a problem with are advert as it is not harmful, misleading or offensive, it is purely an entertaining advert which comes across as quite ‘cheesy’ which is exactly what we wanted from the start.

I believe that our advert is aimed perfectly at our target audience (woman between the age of 40-45), for example the main character in our advert is a man of the same age, this is what the woman watching our advert would be interested in. In our advert when the man is describing the chocolate bar in a slightly seductive way which is good in a number of ways, first of all to show that the chocolate bar is better than all the others, more enjoyable and secondly the humorous aspect of describing a chocolate bar in that way. In my opinion our advert does successfully sell the product, it does everything an advert needs to do, inform an audience on what the product is and show it off. For example during the advert the product is constantly shown to the camera and addressed so people know exactly what the product is and what it looks like. and as we followed all of our pre-production documents it matches our original plan perfectly. Our advert follows a few different advertising techniques. first of all there is a small amount of ‘repetition’ like I mentioned above constantly having the product talked about and on the camera, this technique is generally used to build identity awareness and customer memory. Secondly there is some use of ‘association’ within the advert for example when the product is being described by the man it is described as being sought after and desirable which you can easily tell by the way he talks about it, the words he uses and finally the way he looks at the chocolate bar.


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