Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi and Saatchi are an English based advertising agency, they were founded in 1970 by two brothers and now have 130 offices in 70 different countries across the world. They are one of the most powerful advertising agencies in the world and have made adverts for some massive companies, for example they have worked with Pampers, Toyota and Cravendale. This is only a very small number of companies that Saatchi and Saatchi have worked with, companies from all over the world who want an advert come to them looking for the best quality adverts.

There are also companies which may be large in their own country and would like to broadly expand so they are known and recognised worldwide, there is one great example for this which is Satoga, a Brazilian made alcoholic drink. This company contacted Saatchi and Saatchi and offered them £20m to make an advert for them. They had only a few criteria for them to go by and the main one being it cannot be cliché, so Saatchi and Saatchi went off and did some research on the product and came up with some initial ideas. Once these ideas had been developed they were presented to Satoga who although liked the ideas felt they could be better, so Saatchi and Saatchi went back out and had to come up with some completely new ideas. And this time when they came back with a new idea they loved it, and funnily enough this idea went against the rules they were given to make sure it wasn’t cliché. The new idea was to have a man who looked similar to the most famous attraction is Brazil, ‘Christ the Redeemer’ this character was then put in a few different locations (In the back of a taxi, in a swimming pool, in a bar with a pool cue and in an audience crowd surfing) with his arms spread apart like the statue. Sataga loved this idea and even said this is exactly what we didn’t want but it’s great, and from these advertisements their company has become more globally recognized which is what they wanted.


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