I have looked at many different music videos to find a practitioner that really stands out to me, eventually I came across a video on Youtube which has some of the most creative editing I have seen. The person who edited this music video also directed it, he is called Liam Underwood and descrowed himself as a ‘creative visual artist’. The video that stood out to me was ‘Getter – Head Splitter’, I had never seen heard this video before but the editing techniques match exactly what the song is called and how it sounds, throughout the video it is being drawn over in certain objects/surroundings. It is what makes the video work so well, its different and not seen very often, as well as this it is cut to the beat which is so important in music videos. From looking at his own website he has it professionally laid out and has his own section where he displays all of his work, as well as this he makes all kinds of different media.

This is the video that I have chosen to analyse, and from the start it follows quite a simple story line which is what I hope to achieve once I begin production on my own music video. To start with the protagonist walks into a burger joint, orders some food from a shifty looking waiter and then whilst eating the burger he begins to hallucinate which becomes more and more extreme as it goes on. The editing techniques work so well with the story line and the music that you really understand what it is about, as the video goes on the more unorthodox it becomes, the images the protagonist sees become more random and distorted, everything is jumping around quickly and all of this is cut to the beat. And within music videos ‘cutting to the beat’ is one of the most important elements, without the editing matching the beat the video instantly becomes hard to follow and make sense of because of things happening at different times.
The mise en scene suggests that the protagonist is eccentric in the way he presents himself, for example the clothes he is wearing are quite casual with the genre but he also has bright blue hair which is uncommon and your first impression of this is that he is a person who likes to stand out. He does change outfit a few times in this video but again it all fits the genre, and there are small details which you can notice which describes what the protagonist is seeing.
Not all of the video shows the protagonist, a large portion of the video is what he is feeling/seeing which has a better effect on the audience than it would if he was all that was in video. But when he is in the video neither him or the camera are ever staying still, which again adds to the unrealistic nature of the video. However the shots used are most commonly mid-shots to show the reaction of the protagonist, along with long-shots showing what they are doing. (grabbing walls, jumping in puddles, head in hands) The shots are also all really quick cut, some being less than seconds long, along with this the shots of the protagonist are distorted and fuzzy at times. 
I believe that this is made perfectly for the intended target audience because of how different this music video is to others, it maintains your attention, doesn’t get boring and if you like this genre of music you are able to relate to it.
This video does have a clear linear narrative, 
Equilibrium – Walking into the burger joint
Disruption of equilibrium – Protagonist eat the burger which makes him hallucinate
Realization of the disruption – Throws up outside the shop, realizes what has happened to him and begins his journey
Quest to restore the equilibrium – More of a struggle with what is happening with him because it is so unlike to reality.
Re-establish equilibrium – Ends up back in the burger joint, this time as a waiter.


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