Tell a story – song choice

After a long time thinking about it I have finally chosen what song I would like to make a music video for, the song is ‘If you don’t know’ by JME, I chose this because I feel like the lyrics can be taken quite literally so you can emphasise certain words to create a story. As well as this I looked at the instrumental to hear what it sounded like without any lyrics, this allowed me to imagine what I could do with some of the camera angles/shots. Throughout the whole song it maintains a strong beat which I could match the footage up with, which will only make the end product look better.

If I am going to be making a product then I need to know who my target audience is going to be, I am going to be aiming my music video primarily to males although it is not gender specific. This is because I know that the genre of music is popular with both genders it is more popular with males. Secondly they are going to be within the age of 15-25, teenagers to young adults as when you get older you may become maturer and outgrow certain genres of music, and I expect my target audience to be in full time education or have a part-time/full-time job. The genre of music in my music video was created and evolved in the UK which is where nearly all of my target audience is going to live and I believe they are going to be C2-E in the socio economic group, this is only because typically you would not expect to find a higher class person interested in this genre of music.

I am going to be making a music video for the JME track ‘If you don’t know’. I chose this song for a few different reasons, first of all because I like the song, and secondly I believe I can create a good, clear story whilst still using lyrical interpretation. I think that with a mix of these conventions it will create a professional looking music video. I am aiming this music video towards teenagers – young adults of either gender because those are the kind of people who like this genre of music.

As I am still very early on in this project I have not got a finished storyline idea, but I have thought about it and so far my idea for the narrative is; the protagonist is in a rural area of a city where he has an arranged meeting with a superior/boss. He is then handed a suspicious package which is not identifiable as it is wrapped up, but from this he then begins a search for the antagonists where he eventually confronts them. Along the way he comes into contact with some of his gang members/goons, this is to show that he has got some importance and authority. As this is only a rough idea for now I hope to improve on this in the pre-production stage.

Original –

Instrumental –

Script/Lyrics –

I have chosen to analyse the original music video as I believe it will help me throughout the project, to start with I am going to look at the narrative to the music video. It has a clear linear narrative as the protagonist (JME) begins his journey in a warehouse where he is given some equipment to take out some gangsters, his journey continues through the warehouse where he shows off his goons. Moving on he then follows the gangsters onto the roof where he then attempts to kill them but they just manage to get through the door. Straight after this the protagonist confronts them in a room with a weapon, everything then pauses and turns silent. As soon as the beat comes back in the protagonist transforms into a ‘superhero’ and this is how the video ends.

The video itself is edited to a very high standard, it’s professionally finished and everything matches the beats perfectly which is the most important thing in a music video. Throughout the video the protagonist is constantly acting along the beat, emphasising his actions when the beat drops, this again just makes the overall video much more appealing to the viewing audience. The mise en scene for this music video is quite unusual as he wears three different outfits, starting with a suit he then moves onto an army uniform, and then finishes off the video wearing an ‘Iron Man’ suit. The outfits do work because of the unusual setting and narrative, they just make the video more interesting because of the unusual outfit choices and it really does work.

Throughout the music video there a few props used, first of all the prop gun which is important to the whole narrative. Secondly the are a couple of cards/posters used that the protagonist shows to the camera or throws off to the side, this just gives the audience something extra to look at and piece together what is happening.

The camera angles used in this video are quite typical of this genre, they are low angled which is very effective because it makes the protagonist look bigger and more powerful. And throughout most of the video he is walking towards the camera and the camera is moving backwards, this works well because the shots are not still, there is always something going on which makes the video work as well as it does.

This music video does attract its intended target audience, first of all it is the genre of music that teenagers/young adults enjoy. And the music video just adds a narrative to it, which makes it much more enjoyable.



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