Studio sound recording – This is a facility used for recording and mixing.

Location sound recording – The member of a film or television crew that is responsible for recording all of the sound on set during the production, later included in the finished production.

Stationary and Moving sound –

Foley – Sounds that are separately recorded for use in post-production, used a lot in nature documentaries to help exaggerate some sounds to make it more interesting to watch.

Ambient sound – These are background sounds used to create more of an atmosphere, for example these sounds could just be the sound of outdoors (Birds, wind, cars etc.)

Sound effects – A sound other than music or dialogue for use in some kind of production, this could be anything like a scream added in or even the sound of dripping water.

Music –

Drama dialogue – This is the conversation between characters within a production, usually exchanging ideas or opinions on a certain issue with the hope of coming to an agreement.

Contrapuntal sound – Music that is used in a production which matches the visuals to help create a mood, build tension.


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