Sound Remake Analysis

I have watched ‘Africa – S1, E2’ and have decided on what section I am going to remake the sound for. I have chosen 5:40 – 8:40 which is all about Lizards and how they eat, secondly I am remaking the sound of a 1 minute scene (13:00-14:00) of two gorillas, an infant and its parent. I have chosen to remake the sound for these because they are two really interesting scenes where I know I can exaggerate some of the sounds with good effect. I know that completely remaking the sound will be a difficult task as there needs to be many layers of sounds from ambient sounds to set the atmosphere, a subtle soundtrack to help build tension when necessary, a voiceover to describe what is happening and then the smaller details, this will be Foley sounds to make the documentary much more interesting. For example I will have to record various sounds myself for small things such as, a lizards running around on rocks, sticking its tongue out to try and catch fly’s. The original footage for parts of the lizard scene are in slow motion so sound is going to be really important there to make sure it looks and sounds professional.

I have already made a list of what sounds I am going to need, starting with the ambient sounds to match the footage is some relaxing music, and rainforest sounds for the gorilla scene. These are the sounds that are going to be going on in the background, on top of this are going to be Foley sounds which are either recorded by myself or found in sound libraries. The same goes for the lizard scene only with some more energetic music to match the lizard running around searching for food, as well as this I will need to use some tension building music for when the lizard is being cautious around the lions. And because it is filmed in the Savannah it is a large open area so ambient sounds are going to be vital, noises from other animals and birds are going to be so important else the end product will just not look or sound right.



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