Foley Artist

Foley artists have the job of recreating sounds for a production, it is an important job because nearly all of the time you will need to record something completely different to get what you want. For example if you need to record the sound of leaves rustling you will most likely have to record something else, such as rustling plastic bags together. This is because it creates a clearer, better sound, and when incorporated into a production it will sound much better and more realistic. One type of production that really benefits from Foley sound is nature programmes/documentaries, this is because you can really enhance the sound of animals/insects. This could be anything, lizard footsteps to a lions tail swooping through the air, this just makes the production so much more interesting to watch and listen too.  Sometimes you do have to be careful due to copyright laws, when using someone elses sound(s) you will need to follow the necessary procedures which are; crediting the owner, contacting the owner, using royalty free sounds (sound libraries etc.) or just making your own sound so then you own it.




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