Tell a story Explanation

I was given the task to create a story based production of my choice, the only criteria was that it had a narrative. I knew straight away that I wanted to make a music video that followed a basic linear narrative (a storyline with a clear beginning, middle and end). I started off with choosing what song I wanted to make a video for and from that I went on to think of different ideas that followed a narrative. Unfortunately by the end of the production it came clear that I had created more of a performance based music video rather than a music video with a narrative. My original idea was to have the protagonist play a leading role in gang, it would start off with a shot of the protagonist to show who he was and what kind of authority he had in the narrative. He would then acquire a weapon which is never shown given to him by some unidentifiable persons, and with this weapon he then (unsuccessfully) search for the enemy gang. Along the journey the protagonist would explore an area where he is familiar with, meeting up with various goons/friends along the way. These goons would then help him in the search for the enemy gang, and as they get closer to finding them the tempo of the shots increases, tension will start to build and then the music video would stop quite suddenly giving the impression that the two gangs had collided.



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