Detailed plan

I have been given the task to remake the sound on a nature documentary of my choice, I will need to do it all myself using a mixture of Foley sound and free sounds in libraries. To start with I know I will need to analysis the clip closely, making sure I know what makes the clip work. In order for my piece to work I will have to keep the audience both interested and entertained, I will do this through making even the smallest sounds noticeable to the audience. This could be anything from the sounds of a lizards footsteps whilst it scatters across a rock or even the sound of a lion waving its tail through the air. As well as small sounds like this I will need to incorporate music to help create an atmosphere, to build tension, create a comforting feeling etc. When putting all of these sounds together it will create a professionally sounding product, when recreating the sound of an entire product everything is crucial. Even the smallest sounds can make a difference, for example just a bird in the background or some leaves rusting as a gorilla rolls around on the floor can make the biggest difference. I will be choosing a mixture of foley sounds created by myself and sounds already found in sound libraries to make sure I have a good mixture, inturn making my end product much higher quality, as well as this I will be using some royalty free music to help create an atmosphere at times.

With the correct planning and time management this project will only take a few weeks, I will need to allow myself enough time to plan the project, record all of the sounds, edit the sounds together to match the footage which will take up the largest amount of time, and finally complete any leftover paperwork such as improvements on older work and the evaluation. When recording the sounds I will be using the same microphone, , this is because it is a good quality microphone that can pick up nearby, and further away noises which is exactly what I need to complete my project.



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