For this project I have completely remade the sound for David Attenborough’s ‘Africa S1 E2’, to start with I made sure I understood how the original worked first, I analysed the clip looking specifically into the sound. I wanted to make sure I knew how it worked, why it appealed to such a large audience. I wanted to make sure that my product was different to the original, but more importantly interesting, and slightly humorous at times, I knew that this would be key into making sure my audience wanted to watch my product. I think that I have made my product appealing to a much larger audience than I first anticipated, to start with I stated that I though my audience would predominately be slightly older people 35+. This was because I didn’t think my product would be as entertain as it is, I feel that it now appeals to a much larger audience.

Throughout this project everything went to plan, all the paperwork I needed to do was completed on time, the sounds I needed to record turned out well and more importantly worked well in the finished product. I would say that apart from not perfectly matching my target audience meeting my original intentions went well.

I used a number of different sounds, firstly royalty free music, I used a few different types  of music for good effect on my product. The music helped interest the audience as well as entertain, as well as this it worked well with the actual footage. Secondly was the foley sounds that I recorded myself, this helped me massively as it mostly the smaller sounds I needed it for, for example the lizards footsteps, sticks crunching, leaves rusting, birds in the background. These smaller sound took the whole product up a level it made it much more professional sounding and intern just made it much more interesting to watch. Lastly was sounds already created in a sound library, I used these for things that were much harder to make a foley sound for, for example the sound of a gorilla or a lion roaring. All of these sounds worked well together and made a great final product.

There are a number of strengths that I can talk about, first of all is the range of sounds I used in my product like I said before, they just work very well together and as sound is the main focus point of this project I feel as if I did very well and I am happy with how it turned out. Secondly was how I helped myself throughout the project, at the start of everyday I made sure I knew what work I had to do, through doing this I had more time to spend on each piece of work which then gave me the time afterwards to improve certain bits of work if I needed to. The only thing I can say I was disappointed with in this project was the footage, it was quite difficult to get hold of and as a consequence the footage I used isn’t of the best quality, but the sound definitely makes up for this.

In conclusion I feel as if I did well in this project, I created a four minute piece of sound entirely from scratch an matched it well to the footage, the only thing I would change if I was to do this project again is trying to get higher quality footage to use.


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