Tom Tykwer – Run Lola Run

Tom Tykwer is a German Director, Producer, Writer and Composer, born in 1965 he has always shown an interest in film-making. Starting with his short film ‘Because’ (1990), following this he made a few more short films, and then in 1998 was his breakthrough with the very clever ‘ Run Lola Run’. This was a massively successful film and won many awards as well as being the most successful German film of the year.

Run Lola Run was such a successful film because of how different it was, since its released it has inspired a large number of film-makers worldwide and has paved the way for the future of films. When this film was released it was a bit of a surprise that it was as much of a success as it was because it wasn’t made by a huge Hollywood company. As well as this the main plot of the film which lasts about 20 minutes is repeated 3 times, each time to show a different chain of events with a different result. Behind the film is a message which is no matter what happens, what you do, you cannot decide fate.


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