Visual Investigation Evaluation

Visual Investigation was split into four parts to complete over the course of 4 weeks. Part 1 was based around script writing, part 2 a foreign language film, part 3 a TV set design and finally part 4 a short experimental film based on an emotion. Overall I thought this was quite an interesting unit as there was a range of tasks to complete, creating a short film was my favourite task in this unit because of how it could be anything you want as long as it follows an emotion. In order for my film to work it would need to make the audience feel peaceful, I believe I have achieved this after showing my film to some people who also agreed that the emotion works and they knew what I was trying to achieve.

This was definitely the most successful of tasks, my second most successful task that I completed was the film review. For this task I had to watch a foreign language film, research the film and director. Then I needed to research how empire magazine structure their film reviews, and finally I had to write my own review of the film structured as it would be in Empire magazine. My next most successful task was designing a new TV set for ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, this was a task that I enjoyed because of the design aspect and I felt it all went well. Finally was the task which I didn’t enjoy working on, this was the short horror film script, it was one of the first times that I had worked on a script independently and from completing it I know it is not something I would like to carry on doing.

If I was to do this task again I would change the amount of time I spent on individual tasks,   for example if there was a task that I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy doing as much I would not spend as much time on it. This is what happened with the short horror film script as scriptwriting is not something I am keen on. I feel as if there are much more strengths that I can talk about with my work, to start with is the set design. I knew this was going to be a task that I would enjoy doing, I feel my finished design was detailed and completed to a good standard. Moving on from this to the experimental film, I feel as if this wasn’t the most difficult task to complete but one of the more interesting ones. This is because there was nearly no boundaries apart from the finished piece had to make the audience feel peaceful. For the film I took a camera to the beach on a calm sunny day and took multiple shots of the beach, rivers, waves, friends etc. This task was the most successful because I always knew what I was doing, and everything went smoothly.

In conclusion to this I feel that as a whole project I did really well, I did everything that I was tasked to do, on time and to a good standard. If I was to change anything it would to be to make a longer, more interesting experimental film. I would do this through travelling to more locations, apart from this I am happy with the whole project.


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