FMP Music Video Analysis

I have watched ‘The Four Owls – Think Twice’ music video which is around four and a half minutes long and was published January 19th 2015, I chose to watch this because I already have an interest in this music and I believe it can help me when making my own music video as it is of the same genre. Following this the music video itself is really well made, the lip syncing fits perfectly, the editing style is very cut to the beat wish makes the video better for the audience as it gives them a better understanding as the video matches to the sound.

Every kind of video has different techniques, it is what categorizes them, and makes them appeal to different people. This video has been made with careful planning, for example with any type of production the correct pre-production (planning) needs to be involved. Without doing so you will not know exactly what you want to make, when you are doing it and finally what you have to do. The correct messages have to be put across as without a clear message the audience could be misled, for example if you want the audience to feel powerful when watching the video you will need to use a strong, powerful song to enhance that feeling. If you wanted your audience to feel calm when watching your video then you would play some fitting music, it’s all about creating the right atmosphere for your production.

There are codes and conventions to every video, in this music video however the attraction to it is the members of The Four Owls. Without including all of them in the music video then not as many people would want to watch it, for example when I watch a music video I expect to see the people who are performing it, I just find it makes the video more desirable to watch. Throughout the whole music video there are a number of different shots used, firstly straight away from watching the video you can tell that a large number of shots used are from a low angle looking up towards the performer. This is a common technique used in rap/hip-hop videos as it makes the performer seem much more powerful and important.


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