FMP Proposal


Over the course of the year I have completed a number of different units in groups and by myself, this has allowed me to learn a wider range of skills off of other people which will help massively when completing tasks in the future by myself. Throughout the year I have made or been part of multiple projects ranging from advertisements and experimental films all the way to script writing. I learnt how to improve the skills which I already had through completing these tasks, it gave me a greater understanding of what I needed to know. For example one skill I have developed is using a camera, learning how it works in much greater detail. I would not have developed this skill if it wasn’t for working as part of a group.


Project Concept

The concept of my product is to make a music video, . I will have to complete some research in order to know exactly what I need to do, for example I will have to research locations, cast, equipment. As well as this I will have research other music videos to help me with my own, this will involve looking at videos of the same genre to see what has been done before and allow me to adapt it into something different. Developing my ideas will be very important as without a clear plan I will not know what I am doing or what I need to do, it gives me something to go with, and with a clear idea/plan my final piece will be much better. I plan to produce a full length music video to the song ‘’. To do this I will need to have all of the correct pre-production work and the correct equipment.


My research has helped me shape my ideas through a number of different ways, first of all it has given me a greater understanding of already existing music videos of the same genre, I have researched them in far more detail to look at how they are made, the shots, movement, editing which all combines to create a professional looking music video.

I didn’t feel as if the research was as helpful to me as it could of been, this is because I was extremely confident with my project idea and I did not feel like I needed to change anything. What was helpful to me was researching filming and editing techniques, as it gave me more knowledge of the topic that I was researching. I acknowledge that if this was  a professional project that I was being paid for then I would need to be much more careful and research everything in much greater detail.

Production Schedule









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