FMP Research

Practitioner –

My practitioner that I have chosen to research is Taz Thomas (Taz Tron Delix). I found out about him through some of the music that I listen to which he has directed the music videos for, I decided to research him further because the products he has made are so unique and look amazing I couldn’t help but feel inspired by his work.

From looking at this music video you can see just how different this style of production is, the creativity involved is really impressive and I will struggle to find anything similar. I am really interested in his work because I want my music video to have a similar level of uniqueness.


Target audience –

For my production I will primarily be aiming it at teenagers/young adults purely because that is the typical age group of people who listen to this kind of music, and to help with this all of the cast members are going to be in that age group to help fit the scene. As well as this the main focus will be aiming this product towards males as this genre of music is heavily dominated by this gender, this is not to say that it is only desirable to males as I am not discriminating anyone.



The competition for my product will be other hip-hop music videos, I will need to do some research into these videos and the creators to see what kind of other work like it they may have done. From researching my competition I will find out what looks good in this genre of music video, what makes it look more professional and also what makes it more successful.


Legal and ethical issues –

My production will not include any legal or ethical issues such as violence, racism, bullying or sexual discrimination because there is no reason for it to be included in my production. However I will need to look out for any copyright issues I might experience whilst choosing my music, I can easily avoid this by using royalty free music, crediting the owner or getting permission from the owner.


Concepts –

I need to research into existing products, and from this I will break it down. First of all I will look at a number of different hip-hop music videos, these will include those more successful and well known to those much less known which people may not have heard of. This will help because it will give me a much better understanding of what people look for in hip-hop music videos and what they expect, from completing this research I hope for it to give me ideas for what I can implement into my own music video.


Technical requirements –

During my project I am firstly going to make sure I stick to my production schedule so everything I need to do is done on time. I will then consider conducting test shots which will help me out in the project later on as I will be much more confident when filming my project for real.


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