FMP Evaluation

For my Final Major Project I decided that I wanted to make a music video for a song that my friend had made, I chose to do this because I thought it made more sense to make something that has more of a purpose to someone else as well as myself. I believe that I did meet my stated aims as I have followed all of my pre-production documents to give me my final product which I am vey impressed with. My work does compare with my chosen practitioner in a few ways, first of all is the genre of music. The practitioner I chose to research does not focus purely on one genre of music but much of his work seems to be for a similar genre of music to my music video. This was helpful throughout the project because I could constantly refer to his products if I needed any inspiration or editing technique ideas.

During the project I made only a couple of changes which were small and this was to help my project become better, however any changes I made were accounted for. It took me quite a long time to come up with a final idea for my project, it took a lot of development and this was because I wanted to make something that I could be proud of and that I would enjoy doing along the way. Since I made a final decision on my FMP idea I continued to work hard on everything I needed to do from research, pre-production, production and post production as well as anything else I needed to complete along the way.

The target audience that I identified for my production was teenagers/young adults and I feel like I have achieved this through a number of different ways, first of all the most obvious is the music genre itself. Hip-hop/grime is a very popular genre in this age group especially at this time as well as it is attracting interest from everywhere. Secondly is the people involved in my production, everyone is around the age of 18 which again makes the music video more desirable to people of that age. Lastly the music video itself is attractive to people because of the way it looks, it is interesting to watch and this is very helpful when trying to attract an audience.

Throughout this course I have learnt multiple skills from different projects, I have been involved in experimental films, sound remakes for a nature program, music video with a narrative  and much more. All together I have learnt many new things which have helped me create my final production, during this final project I have been incorporating all of the skills and techniques that I have learnt over the year and intern this has helped me create a professional looking product that I am proud of.

If I was to do this project again I would first of all start the filming a bit earlier than I did on this project, this is only because I would have more time to check everything thoroughly and if I needed to change anything or add to any of the work that I had already completed then I could of. Apart from this I would not change anything in my production as I am very happy with it. From completing this project I have learnt how organised you need to be when doing something like this, not only this but how everything needs to be done on time according to your production schedule as well as to a high standard. If I was given an unlimited budget I would first of all range to film my production in a different, more exotic location, perhaps somewhere that is set up perfectly for the look that I am trying to achieve. Secondly I would start looking into actors where necessary. And finally I would hire a whole crew to help me with the production, with a crew I believe it would help me achieve an even more professional looking music video.

In conclusion to this I feel like the whole project went really well from start to finish, this was because of my organisation of the project, I completed everything to the best of my ability and I have been left with a product that I am proud of.




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