FMP Log Book

Log book:

15th April – This week I have developed my ideas into something I have decided that I want to make, this is a music video for my friend’s song, and I felt this was a good idea because I am making a product for something. As well as this I have begun to write my production schedule and proposal starting with rationale and project concept.

22nd April – I have now completed my proposal and have continued work on my production schedule. As well as this I have been involved in helping another member of the class with some extracurricular work, finally I have begun to look at practitioners I would like to take as an inspiration for my work.

29th April – During this week I have researched my practitioner in much more detail, looking at their style of work and what they have done in the past. As well as this I have made good progress on researching everything else that I need to for this project such as my target audience, any legal or ethical issues, technical requirements, budgets etc. I have also began to evaluate and interpret my research.

6th May – This week I have continued to work on my research for the project, I have looked in much greater detail at other music videos of the same genre. This is to help me gain a greater understanding of what I can do when making my own music video. As well as this I have managed to finalise my song choice.

13th May – Throughout the week I have been listening to the song I will be making a music video for and started to think about what ideas I can implement into it. I have also made a start on the pre-production documents, such as the risk assessment, cast and crew, location recce. I hope to of finished all of the pre-production documents early next week, this will allow me to have more time filming and editing my video which will lead to a better end product.

20th May – To start off this week I completed my recce sheet, I already knew the locations in which I wanted to film I just needed to research them further to understand the area better and to find out whether or not I would need permission to film in the locations. Continuing this I made sure that all of my other pre-production work was completed to the standard I wanted it to be, I went back to add anything I needed to and by the end of the week my pre-production work was completed.

27th May – I used this week to go back on my research as I felt as if I could do more, I started off by re-visiting the research I had already completed to add more onto it. This was just to improve my work by adding more detail to it. Secondly I decided that I could do some more research to help me with my final project, this was a music video analysis of a song of a similar genre to the song which I am making a music video for. I did this because I would learn more about camera and editing techniques aswell as codes and conventions for the music video.

3rd June – Now approaching the end of half term, during this week I have managed to capture all of the footage that I need for my music video. I went out on various days to film to make sure that I had as much footage as I could get, as having more footage is as great help when editing.

10th June – This week has been busy, first of all I started off with the post production, editing my footage. This is one of the most important parts of the project as it is where all of your planning and work comes together, without my pre-production work it would have been much more difficult to understand what I needed to do, pre-production can be used as a guide through your project to make things much easier to follow. Once I had finished editing my music video I went on to upload it onto my blog as well as Youtube. After I did this I wrote up my evaluation, this took some time as I needed to make sure everything was written up in enough detail to give me the best possible results that I could achieve. Finally I started to go through every piece of work on my project to make sure that it was completed exactly how I wanted it to be and to change anything if I needed to.


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