Unit 9 – Corporate Video Analysis

Working for a client:

Apple Corporate Video – Liam an Innovation Story (2016)

This video tells a story about how what happens to an iPhone when it is recycled, the main purpose of this video is to promote Apple as a company, and to promote the fact that they are an eco-friendly company. Through watching this video you can see that Apple are a very stylish and modern company, with a keen interest to have the best products around. The music and sound effects used in this video work perfectly, first of all the upbeat, fast pace music sets the pace of the video. The sound effects are mainly used for machinery and this does nothing but make the video even more interesting to watch.

Through analysing this corporate video it has given me a greater understanding of not only how corporate videos as a whole should be made, but how each one is personal to that particular business. For example as soon as I started watching ‘Liam an innovation story’ I could tell that it was an Apple video and this was because of the Apple adverts that I have  seen before and remembered, more specifically through the colours that are used (usually bright white), the music and editing within the video (fast paced, quick cuts). All of this used together create a great corporate video that interests you in not only the business, but to other products of theirs.

– Corporate Video Production – Happy Times Cafe

Happy Times Cafe’ is a 1950’s style restaurant in New York, the purpose of this video is to promote the business in the best way possible, to show off everything it has to offer as well as the customers own opinions on the restaurant. This is a much more slow paced video compared to the fast pace ‘Innovation Story’ by Apple. Through watching this video you can see that the people who run the restaurant love what they do and are proud of what they have to offer. As the restaurant is 1950’s themed the music for their video couldn’t of been a better choice as it matches it perfectly, it is clearly music from that time period and it just makes the whole video seem more authentic.

Whilst analysing this corporate video I understood from the start that this was much different from Apple’s corporate video, and this is because it has a completely different style. Although it shows off the business and everything it has to offer, as well as describing what they do it’s just not as interesting for the simple reason that the shots are much slower cut, the camera angles not as interesting and the music is a lot calmer. From the two different corporate videos that I have analysed so far I have realised that it really needs to grab your attention withing the first few seconds or else you are left with the audience just not being interested, I know that I can do this through starting a video with bright colours, quick shots and interesting music.


The Exploding Bakery – Corporate Video

‘The Exploding Bakery’ is a wholesale cake bakery based in the Southwest of England, the corporate video for this company is amazing. The filming, the editing is all completed to such a high standard, it advertises the company in a great way and it really does make you want to visit. The music chosen is quite calming, slow, which matches the footage. It is edited in a way that allows the video to flow really smoothly whilst getting in all of the information that it possibly can. From watching this video you can clearly see the owner is very passionate about what he does, he loves his business and is continuously working on making things better.

Although this is a smaller business and the video is very different from what I have already analysed I felt as though it was the best, this is because it was really interesting. It was the complete opposite to a fast paced, brightly coloured video like ‘The innovation story’. It started off with slow shots, a minimal amount of colours and some calming music, but I feel that what made it so intersting was the way that all the shots were taken. It made you feel as though you were in the business, it was very relateable and did exactly what a corporate video is supposed to do, to attract you to the business.


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