Unit 9 – Three Potential Clients

Matthews Hall Cafe – Topsham


I have been looking into the possibility of making a corporate video for Matthews Hall Cafe, the Cafe is located in a small town near Exeter called Topsham. I have previously worked and visted this cafe before so I already hacve some knowledge of how the business is run, who the customers are and what the area is like. This will no doubt become useful for me later on down the line if I decide to choose this business as the one I make a corporate video for.

Topsham itself is a popular area to live for those in the retirement age, this leads on top the fact that most of the customers at Matthews Hall Cafe are of this age meaning that is who they have to primarily base their business around. These are the customers that visit everyday so it will be important to not only create a product that is attractive for them, but to a new audience, hopefully attracting new customers. It would be great for myself and the business if I got the opporunity to make a corporate video for it as currently they only have a limited number of ways that they promote their bsuiness such as facebook and the cafe website, once given the opportunity I could create a new way for the business to promote themselves in a way that will appeal to a large range of customers.



– GBK – Exeter


 GBK or Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a new to Exeter restaurant located in Guildhall Shopping Centre, GBK was started up in London, 2001, by three ‘Kiwis’. I thought this would be a good business to make a corperate video for as it is a brand new restaurant in the centre of Exeter, a lot of people will have seen the new restaurant and producing a corperate video will only help promote it. As for customers GBK is a popular place for people of all ages to visit, but I think it will be most popular for people from the age of 16 to late 20’s. This is because of college and university students making Exeter as busy as it is, especially during the education year.

GBK would be a great business to look at as they havn’t been around a huge deal of time but are obviously very successful, as they are opening a new restaurant in the centre of as busy city. There will already be a smaller number of people that would have heard of the business before but it would be great for them to have a corporate video that they can use to show off their new restaurant to the people of Exeter and the surrounding area who travel here regularly. Inturn this can only help their business attract new customers.



– Caffe Nero – Exeter


Caffe Nero is located on Exeter High Street and is one of the two branches in Exeter. Caffe Nero was founded by Gerry Ford in 1997, it started off from 5 stores in London and quickly progressed to what it is today, a brand recognised all across Europe. All though people of all ages use Caffe Nero it is most commonly used by adults as a place to socialise or grab a refreshment before work etc. I thought it would be a good idea to make a corperate video for Caffe Nero as it is slighly different to my other ideas, and as businesses like this are forever growing and becoming more popular I thought it would be really interesting to look more into this business and even create a corporate video.

If I was to create a corporate video for Caffe Nero  it would give me the opportunity to work along side a great business that is forever adapting to the world around it, I know that if I was given this chance I would create a video that would really appeal to the business and more importantly to the customers. I would do this by first researching in more detail the business and what the customers are like, to see what really appeals to them. From there I would include all aspects of the business, showing something new to the customers that they didnt’t know before, teaching them something. Throughout all of this I would also make it as interesting as possible through the use of different camera angles and editing techniques.




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