Unit 9 – Proposal

Matthews Hall Cafe – Topsham

The concept of this project is to make a corporate video for a company/business of my choice, for this I thought I would try and keep it simple by using my mums cafe in Topsham. This will help me in a number of ways, first of all because I already know that I have permission to film whenever I need to, secondly without even researching the business I already have knowledge about the cafe, its customers and the surrounding area. Asking about the location will be easy as I will be able to find out about power sources. I can get access to recce the location and take shots for visual ideas.

Choosing to make a corporate video for this business is a good idea because it has never had this kind of advertising, it will help benefit the business in a few ways, first of all by promoting it and everything that it has to offer. This video would appeal to the customers through a number of different ways, first of all if they are regulars to the cafe then they will see it all from a new perspective, another way it would appeal to potential customers is if the corperate video is completed to a professional level which would make the cafe more appealing to a wider range of customers.

Matthews Hall Cafe has not yet got a corporate video, the only promotional work that they have is either on the website or the facebook page. If I had the chance to make a corporate video for this company it would be very valuable to both myself and the company for a number of reasons. First of all it would give me the opportunity to work with a real life client and experience what it is like to work in that environment with a very important deadline. Secondly this would be a great chance for the business as it would give them to option to have another form of media that they can use to help promote their business, and best of all for them, it would be free.

Matthews Hall website – http://www.matthewshalltopsham.co.uk


GBK – Exeter

If I was to make a corporate video for Gourmet Burger Kitchen I could offer a number of things to them, first of all is the willingness to want to make a video, the desire to not only make a professional looking video for a company/business but for myself aswell. Secondly I could offer a new to Exeter business a professional corporate video for free which could be used for their own use. This would be a great opportunity for me as it would give me the chance to develop my skills in this type of production as well as being part of a business that is spread all across the country.

This would appeal to the customers in a few different ways, starting with showing the customers everything the business has to offer from a different viewpoint, as well as this the video will be completed to a professional standard meaning it will be much more desirable to any customers. If I begin to make the corporate video for GBK it will help me gain knowledge in a completely new business for me, I will have to research this business in great detail to be able to make the video, this will involve all things to do with pre-prouduction.

I feel like this would be a great opportunity to help me develop my skills within media, not only because this is a real life client but because this is a large business with lots of other restaurants around the country. I would love to have the opportunity to create a corporate video for GBK because I feel as if it would not only make a great addition to the business, but it would be completely free for them. Most importantly I could create a professional piece of work that the business can use to promote itself to a whole new range of customers in the Exeter area.


Caffe Nero – Exeter

In this project I have to make a corporate video for a company/business of my choice and I have chosen Caffe Nero in Exeter, this is because it is a business that I have been a customer of before and I am slightly familiar with it. If I was to make a corporate video for Caffe Nero then i would be sure to put in all the effort that I could to make it as professional looking as I possibly could. Seeing as this is a business that is popular all across Europe the competition for this role is going to be far more competitive, but with the right attitude it is possible.

Caffe Nero focuses most of its attention on drinks although it does also offer light lunches/snacks, when someone mentions Caffe Nero you instantly think of coffee which is why I think it would be wise to focus my video around it. I think my video will appeal to customers because it will be completed in a different way to other corporate videos out there, it will have a different style to most. I plan on making my video entertaining, informative and interesting to watch, I don’t want to make it any more than 2 minutes long as anything over that is likely to lose the viewers attention.

If I was given the chance to make a corporate video for Caffe Nero I would use the upmost of capabilities to create a end product that is not only professionally finished, but can offer something completely new and interesting to the customers, most importantly it would give the business the opportunity to entice new customers who perhaps before seeing the corporate video wouldn’t of though about visiting.




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