Unit 9 – Evaluation


For my most recent project ‘Unit 9 Corporate Video’, we were asked to create a corporate video for a real client, (business/company). For this project I decided to work by myself as I just felt this would be best for me, not only this but as this was something completely new to me I thought it would be a great challenge for myself. I instantly knew who I wanted my client to be and that was ‘Matthews Hall Café’ in Topsham, this was because it is the café that my mum runs and I knew that first of all I would have instant access to the café and its facilities at all times.

During the project I did not make any changes along the way as from the start I had a clear plan which I was determined to bring to life, throughout the pre-production period I acted professionally making sure that each document was completed clearly and to the highest standard. I did this because I knew it would help me out further along the line as it would give me a clear plan of what to do throughout the whole project. I found that the most helpful piece of work that I completed was the production schedule as I was able to use this all the way through the project to help keep me up to date on everything.

The target audience that I have identified for this video are primarily older people around 60 years + who live in and around the area of Topsham, although due to the unique style of my video it will appear to a wider audience, interesting more people to want to visit the café. Through research that I have conducted I have found out that the café is very popular among the ‘regulars’ who mostly live in Topsham, these people visit the café every or every other day so everyone tends to know each other and because of this a friendly, community environment is created.

Through working on this project I have learnt a number of things, first of all I learnt how making a product for a real life customer becomes quite a responsibility and not only are you counting on yourself to get the product finished but other professionals are too. I found that this gave me some incentive to putting in even more effort to getting the product done to a high standard. Through working with a real life client I believe it has given me more confidence in a number of ways, first of all going out and finding myself a client who is happy to work with me and secondly using my existing knowledge and skills with film making and developing them through working on a completely new area of work in the media industry.

After taking into account my client’s feedback which I would say is very positive for a number of reasons. First of all when I showed them the finished video they were thoroughly impressed with it, they were clear in saying how it looked professional and importantly covered all aspects of the business as well as showing it all off in a positive. I really took into account this feedback as it was the first time in not only making a corporate video, but for working with a real life client. Overall the clients were really happy with the corporate video and made it very clear that they would be using it for their business.

If I was to do this project again I don’t think I would change much, first of all I would consider working with a partner, as although I did enjoy giving myself all of the responsibility I believe having a partner to work with would lighten the work load which would then allow me more time to work on individual pieces of work throughout the project. In turn this would give me a perhaps better looking finished product in ways as I would have had more time to work on it. Secondly if I had slightly more time to work on this project I would put more work into analysing already existing corporate videos, as like I have said before corporate videos are completely new to me. So I believe that with a greater understanding of them it would help me understand more about how these kind of videos are constructed and how they can be the best that they could possibly be. During the course of this project I have learnt that it makes everything a lot easier if you have a detailed production schedule, it allowed me to have more time than I originally thought on each piece of work which was extremely helpful to me.

I believe that throughout the course of this project I not only acted professionally with the work that I had to complete, but acted professionally with the client at all times. For example during the planning stage of this production I communicated with the client to arrange a number of separate days that would be suitable to use for filming, from there I also informed them of when the finished corporate video would be available for them to use.

I really enjoyed my time working alongside a real life client for the main reason that it gave me a much greater sense of responsibility and pressure that I could use to my advantage which I have not yet had on other productions during my time at college. From completing this project I have realised that this is something that I will really be considering for the future, it is something that I can really see myself doing within the media industry in the future. Corporate videos as a whole really interest me and given the right opportunity, for example FMP, I will be very seriously considering making another corporate video for a different client.

In conclusion to this I feel that I have had confidence in myself throughout the whole ‘Corporate Video’ project which has really helped me in all of my work. I believe that for me this was a successful projected as I completed everything that I needed to, to a high standard which left me with a product that I can be proud of.


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