Unit 9 – Target Audience Profile

To gain a greater understanding of who I would be making my corporate video for I started by creating a short questionnaire which I asked the customers of Matthews Hall Cafe. This involved only a few simple questions such as, What is your age?, Where do you live?, What do you like most about Matthews Hall Cafe? and also What is your favourite food and drink item from Matthews Hall Cafe?

I did this because it was the best way for me to find out who my target audience was going to be, and therefore I would know who I needed to target my video at, who it would need to appeal to. So through doing this primary research I found out that the Cafe was slightly more popular with females and the most common age range was between 60 and 80 years old. I found this interesting as not only do I have to aim the video at this type of audience but also think carefully about where the corporate video will be positioned.

As well as this I found out that a very large number of people who filled out my questionnaire also lived in Topsham, (where the cafe is located) although others who visit live close by in nearby villages, towns etc.



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