Unit 11 – Choices

Job role evidence.pngI have been looking into different universities and what courses interest me, and I have managed to narrow it down to 5 course choices.


First of all I have been looking at Bristol University (UWE) at a couple of different courses ranging from filmmaking to media and journalism, this would be really good for me as not only are they really interesting courses that I can see myself excelling in but the location appeals to me.




Secondly I have been looking at UAL London, not only would this be a fantastic course to be on but it is in a city with so many opportunities. This would be suitable to me as it would give me the chance to prove myself at soemthing different.



I have been looking at similar courses in different locations, next I looked at a similar advertising course but in Bournemouth, this appeals to me in the same ways as it is something different, something that I am really interested in and soemthing that I can really see myself doing.



Finally I have been looking a media studies course in Brighton, this is a slightly different course choicc to the others, I have been looking into this course and became immediately interested in it, the location is again something that really appeals to me.



I have been looking into apprenticeships, they are always something that I have been interested in and have considered in the past. I have managed to find one ‘Video Production’ apprenticeship that has appealed to me as it would give me the opportunity to start off in the media industry and learn new and valuable skills.



I have looked at some work experieence placements that I can do in the future, not only are these a great opportunity for me to work in the industry but it would be for big names aswell like the BBC. Doing any work experience like this would be great for me to add to my media CV. The first placement I looked at was a practical television opportunity with the BBC, secondly I looked at a ‘behind the camera’ role with Channel 4.




As I continue with this course I will begin to finalise my decision on exactly I want to do with my life after college, I will continue to look into and explore other options that interest me.


As part of this unit I have to provide evidence of myself applying to any work or university options that I have explored, before I started applying to these different options I made sure that I knew exactly how to do so, and I did this through reseaching myself and asking for help from some of my teachers so that I could feel confident in doing so.

Apprenticship evidence.png








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