Unit 11 – Critical Evaluation

I am happy with the decisions that I have made so far, this is mainly due to the fact that before I started the second year of this course I really was unclear on what I was going to do with my life after college. And since working on my progressions brief along with the other projects along side of it I have began to make clearer decisions on what I want to pursue next. Not only has it helped me with what decisions I can make after college but most importantly understanding fully each and every choic, for example with university I have learnt about the whole process of applying and how I can apply my skills that I have learnt in college to what I want to do in university.

I feel as though I have completed all of the goals that I have set for myself throughout this unit, due to the fact that I have been continously working towards my target grade or even higher so that I can continue to further my education within the media industry. My other goals consisted of researching into the different paths I can take once I leave college, whether it’s university, an apprenticeship or even a full time job. I needed to know exactly what each of these roles entitled so I can give myself the best possible opportunities in life, and most importantly to do something where I can maintain my interest in.

I have used my communitcation skills in a number of ways to help me present myself to employers and university, first off all through the research that I have completed I have found out about what they expect, and how I need to really prepare myself for an interview. I have learnt that I need to be confident in myself and what I want to do, and present myself in a positive way so that the employer/university know that I am serious in wanting to take that option as my next step in life. One thing that has really helped me in a number of ways to prepare for this kind of situation is having a part-time job along side college, it has helped me learn new and valuable skills that I can continue to use in day to day life and in the future.

I am now feeling much more confident about the future after this unit of work, this is for a number of reasons. First of all as I said previously, at the start of the second year of this course I was really uncertain about what I wanted to do after college, and now I am feeling confident and excited about what to do next. I have so many different options after college that I am fortunate enough to be able to have the choice of, and because of the work that I have completed throughout the course of this unit I am confident in whatever choice I may have to make next.


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