Unit 11 – CV/Personal Statement

Media CV

Personal Statement,

Despite being surrounded by the media everyday my interest only became significant to me once I started life at college. It came apparent to me here that media is what I have a passion for. For me, media is never the same. Each and everyday it changes and adapts to the ever changing world, and for me that is why it is so interesting. Media goes side by side in my life and I take a positive approach to anything in my path. I am a happy, and kind person and I look to take this into furthering my passion into education and eventually into my life.

Throughout my time studying media at college at different levels I have gained an unbelievable amount of experience and many valuable skills that I can not only use within the media industry but for the rest of my life. From an early age I have always been creative in everything I do, finding new and interesting ways to complete challenges in life. But it wasn’t until I started studying a BTEC Level 2 in Creative Media Production that I could put my skills to a real test. I began by feeling nervous, but I felt that because of my attitude towards it I hit the ground running. Each new topic in media that we tackled I was fascinated by, everything from advertising, documentaries, even music videos. I was so intrigued by it all that I just wanted to further my interest even more. That is why I decided to continue my studies to the UAL Creative Media Production and Technology (Film and TV) course. During my time on this 2 year course I have been prosperous in learning many new skills as part of a team as well as individually. Whilst working on all these different productions I found that they were a great challenge for me as I got to work on such a variety of different things such as animations, short films, music videos and what I found most interesting advertising and corporate videos.

In order for myself to progress and develop myself I believe that the best thing for me to do is to take a gap in education. I realise that this is a important decision that can affect my life but I know it is the right decision. I want to give myself the best possible opportunities that I can, and during my time out I ultimately want to create more of my own work, meet more people in the media industry and learn about new cultures. I believe that this will give me a different type of experience to that of which college has done. College has given me the skills and that knowledge and I intend to put that into practise. During my time at college I have made a lot of work that I am proud of, but the most valuable to me is a corporate video that I made for a real business, this is something that I worked on soul by myself. To which at the end of I was really proud of the finished piece, as were the business owners who decided to feature it on there own Facebook page.

I have chosen this course because ultimately it is specific in exactly what I want to pursue, which is advertising. I have a keen interest in not only creating work, but understanding the thinking behind it. Why is it so important to our everyday lives? I also have a real desire to have my own work in the real world, to see it out there visible to everyone. That is something I can be really proud of. I want to be able to prove that this is not only what I want in education, but in life.






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