Unit 11 – Self Audit

What are your main strengths in media?

My main strengths involve the ability to create and plan an idea for a production successfully. Along with managing my time accordingly so I keep up to date with the work that I am doing, for example through creating a detailed production schedule. I would say my main strength overall would be with my knowledge and skills of final cut pro.

What are the main areas that you need to work on?

The main are that I would need to improve on would be my camera skills, although I am confident and more than capable of using one I can only improve on what I already know and continue to grow my experience.

How ambitious are you? What does this mean to you?

Throughout my time at college I have always wanted to succeed to the best of my ability, whenever I get a new project I want it to be the best that it can possibly be as I want something that I can be truly proud of and look back on in the future. This is very important to me because everything I do now on this course is helping me to prepare for my next step in life.

How much do you know about applying to university? How confident are you about this process?

University as a whole is new to me but it is always something that I have considered, I looked at the UCAS website and I am aware of how to apply, and I am confident in doing so. Althought the main thing for me at the moment is to research into all the possible course choice I can make and what universities appeal to me.

How much do you know about apprenticeships? How confident are you for the application process for this?

Apprenticeships are always something that I have been interested in and have been looking into them for a long time, I feel like they are a great opportunity to get access into an industry, giving you the opportunity to learn valuable skills which you can then use to progress through the different ranks and job roles. The application process for this is slightly more unfamiliar to me but I believe I can talk to the right people that can help me with any questions that I have.

How much do you know about media work placements? How confident are you about the application process for these?

I have looked into media work placements before and it is definetly something that interests me, firstly becauase it is a great way to meet other people in the industry as well as it giving you the oppurtunity to work professionally gaining a lot of valuable experience. I am very confident in this application process as like I have said it is something that I have looked into before and there is many websites dedicated to showing work oppportunities within the media industry. This is definetly something that I am seriously considering so I can gain experience in the future.

What are your main work/education goals for the next 12 months?

Although I have been looking into the possibility of going to university it is not something that I will be doing directly after college, this is because I want to be able to experience more things in the world. Aswell as this I will be using a defer year to allow me to create some of my own work to build up my portfolio for university, finally I will also be working along side all of this so I can fund all of this.

What are your main work/education goals for the next 3 years?

During the next 3 years I hope to be attending university, doing some kind of media production/filmaking course or even something to do with advertising which I have developed an interest for during my time at college, and along side of this I will remain working so I can provide funds for not only university but for and additional work/activities that I want to do.











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