Unit 12 – Part one – Critical frameworks

GenreIs quite a simple one, the best example to use would be Horror films. When watching a horror film it’s obvious what it should be, this is shown through the locations used (abandoned places), the colours and sounds used (darkness, sounds to build suspense), and one of the most important is the shots that are used (quick jump shots) to not only catch you by surprise you but to scare you.

Narrative – Could be quite an interesting subject as you can add narrative to anything, whether it be through the television, a film or even a magazine. I would look into why all stories effectively follow the same narrative (begining, middle, end). And why no matter what genre the narrative is it follows the same path of an antagonist and a protagonist going on a journey and coming into various obsticles. it would be interesting to find out if there are many narratives that follow a different path.

Representation – Is the way the media portray certain groups, communities, genders etc. A good example for me to use would be what I am planning to base my Ted Talk around, which is gender inequality within comedians in the media industry. The media has the biggest influence on everything, and in this case of inequality it can be manipulated in such a way that seems normal to everyone. This is why I want to choose this as a topic to base my Ted Talk around, I want to investigate the oppurtunities within the media industry and how successful certain groups, communties, genders can be.

Audience – With audience I feel as though something that would be an interesting as I could look into the differences or similarities that viewing a film in the cinema has to viewing the same thing at home. I could focus on what why watching a film in the cinema has such a different impact and can provide such a different experience to the audience.

Regulation – There are a lot of different things that I could look into for regulation, the most obvious being the BBFC age ratings that are put into place on films. I could look into exactly why these are put into place and why it is so important to maintain these, as well as this in some cases is it unfair? Or is it stopping people from seeing some reality that they should not be protected from.

Technology (including digital media) – There is a huge range of different topics that I could focus technology on, first of all is smart phones or more specifically social media, are they becoming to much of a distraction to people because they spend so much time on them. Because of smart phones are people stopping themselves from seeing the world and experiencing things properly. Alternatively I could look into how technology is helping the media industry grow, one major thign being youtube, where anyone can upload a video that they have made for anyone to see, these people being potential future employers.

Production/distribution/exhibition – I could look into the distribution of work that is given to people within the media industry, is an unfair amount of work put onto specific people who have just joined a business. Are they expected to do too much which then leads onto a lot of pressure, potentionally putting them off the media industry as a whole. Another interesting topic would be how media production has changed over the years, has it become more desirable to others?

Marketing and promotion – Soemthing that is largely linked with advertising which within the media industry is constantly changing and adapting to the world around it, it would be a really interesting topic to focus on Firstly because I would have the opportunity to research into adverts and find out exactly how much information in them is true, and do they try and bend the rules to allow their product to appear better than what it really is.


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