Unit 12 – Part two – Focus area

I have chosen one specific media industry and topic that I would like to focus my Ted Talk on, and that is, ‘How are male and female comedian actors portrayed within film’. I have chosen this because I feel as though it will be really interesting to research into this topic as a whole, one of the main reasons to find out if within the media industry if males and females are not only portrayed equally, but treated equally as well. Through doing some brief research into Ted Talks already I have learnt that it needs to be started off with an attention grabbing, almost shocking first statement, that is why I have decided to title my Ted Talk as ‘Men are funnier than woman?’

I will not just be looking into this, I want to be able to give a knowledgeable presentation by the end of this unit and for that reason I will also be looking in far greater detail and each individual topic within the main question. I want to be able to understand how successful each genre are within the film industry, are they given the same opportunities, as well as looking into more personal cases. Finding out from people who have experienced this problem first hand whether or not there has been any change in the industry as a whole. I believe that this is a great opportunity for me to further my knowledge about the film industry and whether or not males and females are still truly unfairly divided in inequality.

I will be completing my research mostly through the internet, although I do realize that it is important to get a range of different research types, for example through books, or even conducting the research myself whether that be in focus groups or questionnaires. The main reason for me wanting to most of my research through the internet is due to the fact that I am most comfortable with it, I find it simple and easily accessible where ever I am. I believe that through doing my research that way I can give myself more time which in turn will allow me to have much more detailed research which will all help me towards creating a better Ted Talk.

I am also going to be looking into some different theories to help me with not only my audience, but for the whole project. I have a couple of theorists in mind already, David Gauntlett and Laura Mulvey. I believe that Laura Mulvey will be far more helpful to me due to the fact that her theory, ‘The male gaze theory’ is the concept of how men look at woman, woman look at themselves, and how woman look at each other. Mulvey believes that film audiences have to view characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male. I believe that furthering my research into this theory will assist me with my Ted talk, this is due to the fact that the theory is related to my Ted talk idea of how males and females comedians are portrayed within the film industry.



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