Unit 12 – Ted Talk – Script

This is the presentation that I used for my Ted-Talk –


This is the script that I used when presenting my Ted-Talk,

Why are men funnier than woman? These are a few examples, some of the biggest names in the film industry, Seth Rogan……….. from just looking at these names you can see big films like Mr Bean, The Hangover, Shawn of the Dead, Dr Dolittle, Bad Neighbours. These are all massive names in comparison to,

The Lego Movie, Gilmore girls, The Martian, The Help, and a couple more well-known names such as Bad teacher and of course friends. And in regards to the actual actresses themselves you can see a couple of big names such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston but again, they aren’t anywhere near as well known as the other male actors that I have spoken about.

So that’s just a bit of a comparison to start with so you can start to notice the difference in how males and females are portrayed as comedians in the film industry

The inequality – According to Forbes – only 25% of comedians are females and 75% male. So from looking at the names and pictures at the start you can start to relate them to these stats.

Sexism – so within comedy it has become acceptable for men to focus their jokes around sex, making jokes about their sex lives. However for woman, if they were to do the exact same they will be looked down on, and it is not regarded as socially acceptable. This alone immediately puts woman at a disadvantage to men, meaning that there straight away limited from a massive audience.

Income differences – Because of how it is not acceptable for woman to say certain things, this limits them in a number of ways, firstly limiting their audience, this leads onto them getting less gigs as comedians, which intern makes it harder for them to build their career and for the sake of it being socially unacceptable, they receive a lower wage.

Stereotyping – woman can’t be funny, this is the views of so many men who think that woman are just not able to be as funny as them. Men believing that they are just naturally funnier and much more outgoing. And because of this view that a lot of people have it just furthers the inequality gap.

Main theme – Because of the unfairness of what is deemed unacceptable for female comedians to talk about the only way that they can make successful careers seems to be through putting themselves down, 2 of the more well-known female comedians – dawn French and jo brand have become famous for exactly that, putting themselves down, what they have to talk about in order to have a successful career is about periods, their bras and making fun of their own weight to get a laugh.

Jenny Collier is an award winning comedian, apart from being well known as a comedian she also has a story about her job that went viral. Jenny had been cancelled from a show, because there was ‘too many woman’. This only goes to show that there is no diversity in comedy. Why should men primarily influence comedy in a world where woman are supposed to be equal.


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