TV Show – Pre-production documents

The ideas

My first idea for a tv show was to have a simple cooking show with a comedic aspect, each show would have 2 different guests that would compete in challenges against one another, with a point system in place. The comedic aspect would come into place throughout the ongoing show. I would have to make sure that the production is not entirely scripted, due to the fact that if it was scripted the show would not flow successfully. For this reason, I am going to leave the construction of the script almost open to the guests, making sure that I include flash cards or hints, so that the guests are able to keep on the set topic, which in turn would maintain the overall concept and planning of the show, keeping it to an acceptable length.

This idea would appeal to a younger audience, perhaps tweet he ages of 16 – 30. This is mainly down to the fact that people of these ages will be either be in education or starting a career related to cooking.  If I was to air this show on real tv would go with channel 4 at around 6-7pm, this is due to the fact that there are already some cooking shows on that channel and this show would add something new and engaging for the audience.

Idea 1 concept art

The second idea is for a tv show based around conspiracy theories, as a group we knew that this would be quite difficult as having a weekly show lasting between 20 – 30 mins talking about different conspiracy theories could become tedious. That is why we have decided to not name our tv show about conspiracies, but around the presenter, and each week that the show is aired there will be a diffferent topic allowing us to keep the content fresh and able to use a variety of guests. In turn this will make the show much more interesting as well as continuing to give the audience fresh content. For the show that we will be airing as part of our project we will be basing it around conspiracy theories, including footage from inside the tv shows which will include different questions and discussions around the topic. As well as this we plan to include a few different inserts to not only keep the show interesting but to break it up so the audience is not bored watching the same shot for a long period of time.

For this show I believe that it can appeal to the target audience in a number of ways, the main reason being that this show has something to offer something to everyone. This is due to the fact the show will change topics on a weekly basis, so as well as having the people that will watch the show on a regular basis there will be the opportunity to entice a wider range of people through the new weekly topics. If this show was to be aired on real tv the specific slot would be on channel 4, at around 9pm on the weekend.


Storyboard – 

Floor plan –

Floor Plan

Risk Assessments –

Jays grave insert risk assessment

Mandela effect insert risk assessment

Skeptic revolution risk assessment

Mandela effect contributer consent form –

Mandela effect contributer consent

Set design concept art –

Set design concept art

Script –

The ozie gilbert show script (Joes version)

The Ozie Gilbert Show Logo –

Ozie Gilbert show logo

Group meeting sheets –

10th November

17th November

21st November

28th November

2nd December

8th December

3rd January


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