TV Show Production – Evaluation

ð        Evaluate how you met audience needs – produce a detailed evaluation exploring the ways in which your TV show would engage with a specific audience. Be critical of your own work and reflect on how successful you have been.

The specific target audience for our show (The Ozie Gilbert Show), is 16-34 year olds. This was chosen because if the show was to be broadcasted on real tv it would be on channel 4 (C4), again with the main target audience being 16-34 year olds. We made this decision as a group for a number of reasons, firstly because we did some research into the history of the Channel 4 (C4) schedule slot when we would air our show, 9.00 pm to 9.30pm. And through doing so we discovered that during this time, after the watershed the programmes became more provocative and the overall content became more towards what we were looking to include within our show. For example within our show we included a few different inserts, not only to break up the shopw a bit, but to keep it interesting and appealing to the audience. Obviously the main focus for us was to create a decent length show, with good content that kept the audience interested. One of our main inserts (Joe Investigates) was based around the Mandela effect, and we made sure to include content that would appeal to our younger specific target audience through including different things that they would know about, perhaps even see/hear of in their every day life. This is one of the main ways that we made the show feel slightly more personal, as like I said it included things that the audience see day to day. The main topic of this show was conspiracy theories, this topic as a whole can be considered as quite controversial. This is because some people can really agree with them where as some people can consider them as outragious, this is why we had to be careful in what content we included within our show. We knew from the start that we would have to include some balanced views and opinions as well as providing some interesting information to the audience that would also help them learn more about the project.

After looking back and watching our tv show it made me realise a few things, firstly although we were not left with the best quality product which wasn’t exactly what we expected it still met our aim towards the target audience. I feel as though one of the main things that let the show down was the set, this is because the whole show looked quite dark, I don’t feel like we had the best lighting which became apparent when watching the show back. Secondly our set was quite plain, we only had a couple of chairs and a table, with one of the positives being the personalised mug we had made for the show which added a slight bit of professionalism to the show. I feel that with a larger budget we could have been a lot more inventive with the set, including more interesting furniture, some props linked with the topic of the show and finally, something that I feel would make a huge difference which would be to include some bright colours. This is because our show is aimed towards younger people so we not only have to include interesting content, but something great to look at, that makes the audience really engaged.

Although throughout the whole show we included all of the content that we had planned to, I feel that overall it wasn’t delivered in the best way from start to finish. I feel that one of the main reasons for this was because of the organisation of the whole show, from the start we had the plan that we would have at least one guest. If this was arranged a lot earlier on in the project it would have given the guest a long time to learn the show, learn about conspiracy theories and most importantly learn about the script. The main problem we encountered as a group during this project was that with a week before the deadline we did not have a guest sorted for the show. Without a guest we would not of been able to have a full length tv show so I had to step forward and become the guest even though I was only given the script a few days before the live show.

Whilst on this project I had a few different job roles, during the pre-production stage I had the role of the storyboard artist. During this part of the project as each person only had one job role we got this completed quite quickl;y and to a good standard as each person had aboout a week to focus on each individual piece of pre-production document. Moving on to the production stage of this project I had the role as one of the camera operators, this again was quite a straight forward role as the producer only wanted stationary cameras for the show. And as one of the camera operators I just had to make sure it was always in focus, and that the shot was correct. But as the project moved on and approached the deadline we had not yet found someone to become the guest, this became a major problem for us as without a guest we would not of been able to create the show. I then decided to move forward and volunteered myself to become the guest, I wasn’t very confident in this as it was so close to the deadline and I had never seen the script so I knew it would have to be something that I had to try and learn quickly and jsut give the best attempt that I could.




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