FMP Pitch Script

Production schedule Editing week 1, 1st May

Production schedule Editing week 3, 8th May

Production schedule Filming week 1, 17th Apr

Production schedule Filming week 2, 24th Apr

Production schedule Final week

I am going to be making a promotional video about headphones, obviously the main concept for this is to base it all around a set of headphones. I want to keep the whole idea pretty simple as I’m making it by myself I need to keep it realistic, what I think will help me a lot whilst on this project is to include elements of all the different projects that I have been involved in whilst on the duration of this 2 year course.

Although I don’t have a story completely decided I do have a couple of ideas, firstly to put the actor on some kind of journey, travelling from location to location seeing and doing different things. I will have to be careful as from the different projects I have worked on before I know what will lead to a bad video, by this I mean that when you are watching it, it just looks boring and rubbish, not something that you want to continue watching.

Another idea that I have had is to not focus on the headphones at all until the end of the video, by this I mean to have the headphones noticeable during the whole video but make it apparent to the audience that they are the focus at the end. For me this might be slightly more interesting as it almost keeps the audience guessing whilst watching it, keeps them interested. An example I have of this is an advert for a sony tv. As you can see it’s just pretty random as it goes on, focusing on glitter and then when it gets to the end you realise that it was just something on the tv and that’s what the product that was being advertised is.

I plan to make my video no more than 90 seconds, I can’t have it too long because no one wants to watch a long advert, but then I also can’t have it too short so I have to have it somewhere in the middle, enough to incorporate everything that I plan too.

As for my target audience I have been looking into the demographics and psychographics of what can apply to my video, in the end I have come up with the conclusion that the people that will be watching my video are of either gender, between the ages of 17 and 30. Between the classes of C2 and E, meaning that they will be ranging from skilled manual workers to students/unemployed. Although I don’t really agree with this as I feel as though it is not specific enough to define an audience which is why I prefer the Psychographics table, from this I can define my target audience as ‘Explorers’, meaning that they seek discovery, something new, they value a new experience, as well as this they are usually of a younger demographics, basically meaning students.

I looked into a few differnt practitioners, Alice and andre who worked on the sony tv advert which I showed earlier on. Other than this I have got a couple of different inspirations for my product, the first one being the video that I showed earlier, and although they were not headphones I liked the overall concept of keeping the product a mystery until the end. Secondly I looked at an advert for a pair of noise cancelling sony headphones.

This is quite a simple concept of someone just doing something in their day to day life, then they put on a pair of headphones and go on some kind of journey. The main focus in this advert being the music that is used once they put the headphones on, I need to make sure I get my song choice right.

I researched a lot for this project, mainly to get the best understanding of exactly what I wanted to make, I wanted to give myself the biggest advantage that I could for when I go to create the video. I made sure I researched in detail the target audience, some specific practitioners, and what I found most important and helpful some existing products like the adverts that I showed previously. I learnt a lot about how to keep a longer length advert interesting for the audience, by not over complicating things, keeping a simple concept. And keeping what you include relevant to what you want to make, by this I mean keeping to plan, and not including random things to add length. I believe that would just ruin any chances I had of creating something interesting.

Finally I have the production schedule including all the dates for filming editing and the final week….


This is the presentation –




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