FMP Proposal – Updated

Throughout this course I have looked at a huge variation of different media topics, everything from music videos, sound pieces to corporate videos. As I have covered this many topics it has allowed me to become much more diverse in media, allowing me to understand new theories and learn new skills within editing. Everything that I have learnt throughout this course has given me the opportunity to grow, has given me the confidence to be able to go out into the media industry without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

During the final stages of this course I worked on a ‘TV Studio’ project, this was hugely new to me because we worked a large group to plan, create and execute a lie TV show. This was extremely helpful to me as it gave me the opportunity to work as part of a large group where communication was the most important aspect of the project.

As the planning for this production has gone on I have decided to change the overall concept of my idea, I am now planning to create a promotional video around headphones. I have decided to make this decision because I want to focus my video around one product rather than a whole, and as for the reason as to why it is going to be a promotional video rather than just a standard advert is mainly down to the length, typically an advert will last 20 – 30 seconds where as what I plan to make will last between 70 – 90 seconds. This is mainly due to the fact that I have already done some research into existing products similar to what I want to create, I believe that 70 – 90 seconds is the right length to maintain the interest of an audience through incorporating a variety of different shot types and editing techniques all coming together to create a professionally finished video. Another reason for me wanting to make a promotional video is because I would like to add more work to my portfolio that I have created during my time at college that I can link to furthering my skills whether it be through university or in work.

I have been looking into existing products to help give me the biggest advantage as possible, from the research that I have started I have begun to understand what works and what doesn’t. What I’ve learnt so far is that it all needs to come together, by this I mean the shots, editing and audio. With long boring shots the audience will be left bored, a strong song choice that fits with the type of product needs to be used and it can only be made to look as good as possible with the editing.

During the production of this promotional video I plan to include elements from all of the other projects I have created over my time on this 2 year course. The skills that I have learnt will help me incorporate new and interesting shots, engaging editing techniques and the overall concept idea for the promotional video.

Throughout this project I will be continuously evaluating my work, no matter what it is that I do, this is to make sure I not only give myself the greatest understanding of what I am doing, but to give me the opportunity to improve whenever I can, in turn allowing me to achieve to the upmost of my capability. If I make any changes at all during this project I will make it clear and document in detail through my blog and journal.


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