FMP – Product Research

As I am going to be making a promotional video around headphones, I will need to conduct some research into the product itself, to ensure that I give myself the biggest advantage in understanding it. For my production I will be using a pair of headphones that I already own, purely because I don’t feel the need to go out and buy a brand new pair of headphones that I probably won’t use other than for this production.

The headphones that I will be using are made by a company called ‘The House of Marley’, they are built on the principles that they not only deliver a high quality product which is also earth friendly, but they commit to charities gloabaly, as they quote, ‘We are driven to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support efforts to make lives better around the world.’

House of MarleyHouse of Marley 2

These images are just a simple way to advertise the product, I will be using something similar to this to put at the end of my promotional video. The only difference being is that I will create it all myself, taking the photo and then editing it so I am able to use it, which in turn will give my video that professional finish that I need.

House of Marley (2017) House of Marley Principles. Available at: (Accessed: 05 May 2017)



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