FMP Evaluation

You must screen/present your product to a specific audience (a rough cut is acceptable so that you can have the chance to make changes for your final submission) AND hand in evidence of audience feedback.

I am planning to show my piece of work to both my family and friends, this will allow me to get some honest, critical feedback which I can then use to make any neccassary changes. Through asking a variety of different people, (males, females, family and friends) it will give me a wider range of the positives and negatives of my product, in turn allowing me to push towards a higher overall grade.

I will jsut be showing them my video on my laptop, as the video will be uploaded to YouTube it is more than easy to access. I will be writing down all of the feedback that I am given so I can later put it into context.

First of all I screened my video to my family, where I got some mixed reviews. Although they all enjoyed the video and understood what my original aim was, (to create a promotional video on headphones) there were somethings that I could improve on. First of all they picked up the locations in which I shot my footage, straight away they said how there should have been more locations used to ‘mix it up a bit’, making it more interesting to watch. Admittedly I did have a limited amount of locations, and this was mainly due to the actors that I worked with, being the end of the educational year everyone was very busy so it was slightly more difficult to find the availability than I first anticipated.

Secondly they picked up on the cinematography, it was mentioned how I did include quite a wide range of camera shots/angles I could of been more inventive my using different types of equipment. This again I completely agree with, as whilst filming my video it was nearly all on a tripod which immediately restricts what you can do, for example if I was to use some different types of equipment such as a fig rig, or a dolly track/rail it would of automatically added something different to my video. The only reason I didn’t use equipment like that was down to the availability of it, I know that I should of booked this out further in advance.

When I screened my video to friends I did get some feedback, both positive and negative, but it wasn’t as critical which may have been slightly more helpful in this situation. The first thing that they said to me was how I only had a limited amount of actors, and through using a wider variety of people it would of added some diversity to my video. I do agree with this but as I said before it was mainly down to the availability of people nearing the end of the educational year. The positives from there feedback however was the editing, they liked how well it related to the track, being cut to the beat as well as the overall editing style of the video.


Did you meet your stated aims?

For my Final Major Project I initially started out with the idea that I wanted to make a corporate video, it was only a couple of weeks into the project that I decided to change my idea, mainly to benefit myself. Firstly after looking into several potential clients I found no real desire to actually move forward with the project, I couldn’t see it as something that I could really just enjoy making. It was for that reason I decided to move from that idea to a promotional video about headphones, after developing my ideas slightly for this video I knew it was something that I did want to take forward as I knew I would enjoy it, I was contantly thinking of ideas as to how I could make it to the best of my ability.

I believe that through making something that I really wanted to, it reflected in the work throughout the project, not just the quality of it, but the time and effort I put into the project. I think that is the main reason as to why I met my ‘stated aims’, for example if I had just carried on with my first idea that I just wasn’t fully convinced with then I know that the end product would not have been anywhere near as good.

Towards the end of this project there are a couple of necessary changes that I had to make, the first one being with the actors that I wanted to use, I initially set out with the idea that I wanted to incorporate many different people of different ages, ethnicities and cultures. But as it was nearing the end of the educational year many people were busy with there own projects or exams making it more difficult to arrange a specific date where I could get the filming done, hence why I could only include a limited amount as can be seen in my final piece.

Secondly the length of my video, I originally antisipated in my proposal that the video was to be around 90 seconds long, but as I reached the editing stage of this project it became clear to me that this was not a reality. Due to the main reason being that nearly all adverts are 30 seconds or under, and to maintain the audiences interest it needs to have not only the concept, but the content of the video. Although I have managed to keep the length of my video to around 50 seconds I believe that any longer and I would of just been prolonging something that I knew wouldn’t work.

How does your work compare with your chosen practitioner?

Throughout the research stage of this project, which I spent a lot of time on to give myself the greatest advantage that I could moving forward, I looked into 3 different media practitioners, the most useful in my opinion being ‘Alice Bottaro’ who was the creative director of the advet, ‘Sony – More Brilliance. More Beauty.’ Although this is almost the complete opposite to my production, the concept of it is what inspired me. For example the sony advert which I looked into was for a TV, but that wasn’t apparent until right at the end, leading up to that was just a creative display of effects which looks interesting, but doesn’t give anything away as to what is actually being advertised, for this advert it turns out that everything that is being shown is just through the TV that is being advertised. In that way I believe my production does compare to one of my chosen media practitioners, I took that concept and developed it into something completely different for my own promotional video.

Did you make any changes? Why? How did your concept develop?

As I said previously it was around 2 weeks into the project I decided to change the idea for my FMP. I initially had the idea that I wanted to make a corporate video, it was upon looking into and researching into potential clients that I discovered that I had no real desire to continue and finish this project with a corporate video. I didn’t want to completely change topic hence why I decided to change my FMP to a promotional video based around headphones. I made this change because I knew that it would benefit me in many different ways, firstly and most importantly that fact that I knew I wouldn’t truly enjoy making a corporate video, and as soon as I decided to make the change I couldn’t help but think of ways to make my new idea interesting, It was something that I really had a desire to move forward with and develop into something that I knew that I could be proud of.

From here I began to develop my concept, into something that I knew would work, I began doing this by writing up what ideas I had that I knew would help influence a professional looking project. I researched into existing products, comparative products, anything that I could look into that had some resemblance to what I wanted to create. Before I made a real start on what I wanted to create I gave myself the biggest possible advantage that I could.

Does the finished product appeal to the target audience?

I believe that my finished product does appeal to my target audience, the most important reason being that I have completed my main goal, to create a promotional video about headphones, I needed to advertise a pair of headphones aimed towards a specific target audience that I carefully selected after some detailed research. Throughout the course of this project, more specifically the research, I had to look carefully into existing products that were similar to my own idea.

This was so I could get a picture of what works and what doesn’t, more importantly how a video can be adapted to suit a specific target audience. I had to look closely into each of these different things to allow me to plan my project so it could be targeted and males/females betweent the ages of 17-30, I believe that my video does cater that audience, one of the most influencing reasons for this being the music choice, this is definitely one of the more important things when not only creating a promotional video about headphones, but targeting it at an audience, making sure it is something they can relate to.

How well does the product reflect your skills and the things you have learnt this year?

I believe that my final product is my best one yet, I have now had 3 years at college studying media tv and film and along the way I have learnt so many skills and developed my talents. Everything from working by myself, in pairs or even in large groups of around 10 people, all of this has allowed me to learn new skill sets off not only lecturers, but other students. Even the smallest things that I recieved such as feedback on test shots allowed me to improve the later stages of the project dramatically, the time that I have had to practice skills, not just filming and editing, but preparing for projects, working in teams, all of it has come together to give me the biggest possible advantage when going to create not only my final project, but every project throughout my time at college.

Although for this last project were given more time than others, it was because it was needed, to carefully go through the different stages of this project, with the seperate assessment points. All allowing me to push myself to produce the highest standard of work that I could, every little detail of my finished product has been carefully put together which I think relfects my skills.

What would you do differently next time? What did you learn?

If I was to do this project again there is not a lot that I would do differently, from start to finish I made sure that I worked to the upmost of my capability, whether it was when I was working on my initial ideas or on the editing, I was confident in the decisions that I made along the course of the project only because I knew that they would benefit me. I put a lot of time and effort into each and every part of the project, the pre-production, filming editing, planning, I did this because I knew that the effort I put in at that part of the project would help me with the next, and in turn it has left me with the end product that I can be proud of.

The only thing that I would change if I was to do this project again would be the filming, although I am extremely happy with the footage that I got, how it turned out, I would have just preferred if I shot in more locations. This is only because it would of perhaps gave me a little more to play with whilst I was in the post production stage of the project, and I know that from previous projects that I have worked on that the more footage the the better. As well as this I feel as though incorporating more locations into my video would of added more of an element of professionalism. Throughout this project I have learnt that it is important to keep up to date with any work, by working towards the assessment points that were given to me it allowed me to work towards ‘deadlines’ which I think really helped me in keeping up to date with my work. To go along with all of this I also had my production schedule which I first put together at the start of the project, and made any changes that  needed to along the way, which were accounted for in my production journal.

What would you do differently if you had a larger/unlimited budget?

If I was to do this project again with an unlimited budget I would first of all get into contact with various media equipment agencies which I also looked into as part of my research. This would involve things like hiring out lots of professional equipment, from cameras, microphones, dolly/tracks and anything else that might give my production a slightly more professional edge. I would also look into hiring media professionals, again this would involve things such as camera men/woman, editors, producers , directors, or even a storyboard artist. I know that if I was to hire these professionals it would allow my production to be completed much quicker and more effectively, as with the product that I made I have done all of it myself, pre-production, filming, editing, the only time that I was depending on other people was when I needed actors, and even then through my careful planning I was not let down.

In conclusion to this I was left more than happy with my finished project, not only with how the video looks, but in my opinion what was slightly more important, all of the work that lead up to putting the video together. Without putting the effort that I did into all of the work before hand I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in now with this project. I am more than happy with what I have managed to achieve on this project and I am proud with the product that I have been left with.







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