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FMP Evaluation

You must screen/present your product to a specific audience (a rough cut is acceptable so that you can have the chance to make changes for your final submission) AND hand in evidence of audience feedback.

I am planning to show my piece of work to both my family and friends, this will allow me to get some honest, critical feedback which I can then use to make any neccassary changes. Through asking a variety of different people, (males, females, family and friends) it will give me a wider range of the positives and negatives of my product, in turn allowing me to push towards a higher overall grade.

I will jsut be showing them my video on my laptop, as the video will be uploaded to YouTube it is more than easy to access. I will be writing down all of the feedback that I am given so I can later put it into context.

First of all I screened my video to my family, where I got some mixed reviews. Although they all enjoyed the video and understood what my original aim was, (to create a promotional video on headphones) there were somethings that I could improve on. First of all they picked up the locations in which I shot my footage, straight away they said how there should have been more locations used to ‘mix it up a bit’, making it more interesting to watch. Admittedly I did have a limited amount of locations, and this was mainly due to the actors that I worked with, being the end of the educational year everyone was very busy so it was slightly more difficult to find the availability than I first anticipated.

Secondly they picked up on the cinematography, it was mentioned how I did include quite a wide range of camera shots/angles I could of been more inventive my using different types of equipment. This again I completely agree with, as whilst filming my video it was nearly all on a tripod which immediately restricts what you can do, for example if I was to use some different types of equipment such as a fig rig, or a dolly track/rail it would of automatically added something different to my video. The only reason I didn’t use equipment like that was down to the availability of it, I know that I should of booked this out further in advance.

When I screened my video to friends I did get some feedback, both positive and negative, but it wasn’t as critical which may have been slightly more helpful in this situation. The first thing that they said to me was how I only had a limited amount of actors, and through using a wider variety of people it would of added some diversity to my video. I do agree with this but as I said before it was mainly down to the availability of people nearing the end of the educational year. The positives from there feedback however was the editing, they liked how well it related to the track, being cut to the beat as well as the overall editing style of the video.


Did you meet your stated aims?

For my Final Major Project I initially started out with the idea that I wanted to make a corporate video, it was only a couple of weeks into the project that I decided to change my idea, mainly to benefit myself. Firstly after looking into several potential clients I found no real desire to actually move forward with the project, I couldn’t see it as something that I could really just enjoy making. It was for that reason I decided to move from that idea to a promotional video about headphones, after developing my ideas slightly for this video I knew it was something that I did want to take forward as I knew I would enjoy it, I was contantly thinking of ideas as to how I could make it to the best of my ability.

I believe that through making something that I really wanted to, it reflected in the work throughout the project, not just the quality of it, but the time and effort I put into the project. I think that is the main reason as to why I met my ‘stated aims’, for example if I had just carried on with my first idea that I just wasn’t fully convinced with then I know that the end product would not have been anywhere near as good.

Towards the end of this project there are a couple of necessary changes that I had to make, the first one being with the actors that I wanted to use, I initially set out with the idea that I wanted to incorporate many different people of different ages, ethnicities and cultures. But as it was nearing the end of the educational year many people were busy with there own projects or exams making it more difficult to arrange a specific date where I could get the filming done, hence why I could only include a limited amount as can be seen in my final piece.

Secondly the length of my video, I originally antisipated in my proposal that the video was to be around 90 seconds long, but as I reached the editing stage of this project it became clear to me that this was not a reality. Due to the main reason being that nearly all adverts are 30 seconds or under, and to maintain the audiences interest it needs to have not only the concept, but the content of the video. Although I have managed to keep the length of my video to around 50 seconds I believe that any longer and I would of just been prolonging something that I knew wouldn’t work.

How does your work compare with your chosen practitioner?

Throughout the research stage of this project, which I spent a lot of time on to give myself the greatest advantage that I could moving forward, I looked into 3 different media practitioners, the most useful in my opinion being ‘Alice Bottaro’ who was the creative director of the advet, ‘Sony – More Brilliance. More Beauty.’ Although this is almost the complete opposite to my production, the concept of it is what inspired me. For example the sony advert which I looked into was for a TV, but that wasn’t apparent until right at the end, leading up to that was just a creative display of effects which looks interesting, but doesn’t give anything away as to what is actually being advertised, for this advert it turns out that everything that is being shown is just through the TV that is being advertised. In that way I believe my production does compare to one of my chosen media practitioners, I took that concept and developed it into something completely different for my own promotional video.

Did you make any changes? Why? How did your concept develop?

As I said previously it was around 2 weeks into the project I decided to change the idea for my FMP. I initially had the idea that I wanted to make a corporate video, it was upon looking into and researching into potential clients that I discovered that I had no real desire to continue and finish this project with a corporate video. I didn’t want to completely change topic hence why I decided to change my FMP to a promotional video based around headphones. I made this change because I knew that it would benefit me in many different ways, firstly and most importantly that fact that I knew I wouldn’t truly enjoy making a corporate video, and as soon as I decided to make the change I couldn’t help but think of ways to make my new idea interesting, It was something that I really had a desire to move forward with and develop into something that I knew that I could be proud of.

From here I began to develop my concept, into something that I knew would work, I began doing this by writing up what ideas I had that I knew would help influence a professional looking project. I researched into existing products, comparative products, anything that I could look into that had some resemblance to what I wanted to create. Before I made a real start on what I wanted to create I gave myself the biggest possible advantage that I could.

Does the finished product appeal to the target audience?

I believe that my finished product does appeal to my target audience, the most important reason being that I have completed my main goal, to create a promotional video about headphones, I needed to advertise a pair of headphones aimed towards a specific target audience that I carefully selected after some detailed research. Throughout the course of this project, more specifically the research, I had to look carefully into existing products that were similar to my own idea.

This was so I could get a picture of what works and what doesn’t, more importantly how a video can be adapted to suit a specific target audience. I had to look closely into each of these different things to allow me to plan my project so it could be targeted and males/females betweent the ages of 17-30, I believe that my video does cater that audience, one of the most influencing reasons for this being the music choice, this is definitely one of the more important things when not only creating a promotional video about headphones, but targeting it at an audience, making sure it is something they can relate to.

How well does the product reflect your skills and the things you have learnt this year?

I believe that my final product is my best one yet, I have now had 3 years at college studying media tv and film and along the way I have learnt so many skills and developed my talents. Everything from working by myself, in pairs or even in large groups of around 10 people, all of this has allowed me to learn new skill sets off not only lecturers, but other students. Even the smallest things that I recieved such as feedback on test shots allowed me to improve the later stages of the project dramatically, the time that I have had to practice skills, not just filming and editing, but preparing for projects, working in teams, all of it has come together to give me the biggest possible advantage when going to create not only my final project, but every project throughout my time at college.

Although for this last project were given more time than others, it was because it was needed, to carefully go through the different stages of this project, with the seperate assessment points. All allowing me to push myself to produce the highest standard of work that I could, every little detail of my finished product has been carefully put together which I think relfects my skills.

What would you do differently next time? What did you learn?

If I was to do this project again there is not a lot that I would do differently, from start to finish I made sure that I worked to the upmost of my capability, whether it was when I was working on my initial ideas or on the editing, I was confident in the decisions that I made along the course of the project only because I knew that they would benefit me. I put a lot of time and effort into each and every part of the project, the pre-production, filming editing, planning, I did this because I knew that the effort I put in at that part of the project would help me with the next, and in turn it has left me with the end product that I can be proud of.

The only thing that I would change if I was to do this project again would be the filming, although I am extremely happy with the footage that I got, how it turned out, I would have just preferred if I shot in more locations. This is only because it would of perhaps gave me a little more to play with whilst I was in the post production stage of the project, and I know that from previous projects that I have worked on that the more footage the the better. As well as this I feel as though incorporating more locations into my video would of added more of an element of professionalism. Throughout this project I have learnt that it is important to keep up to date with any work, by working towards the assessment points that were given to me it allowed me to work towards ‘deadlines’ which I think really helped me in keeping up to date with my work. To go along with all of this I also had my production schedule which I first put together at the start of the project, and made any changes that  needed to along the way, which were accounted for in my production journal.

What would you do differently if you had a larger/unlimited budget?

If I was to do this project again with an unlimited budget I would first of all get into contact with various media equipment agencies which I also looked into as part of my research. This would involve things like hiring out lots of professional equipment, from cameras, microphones, dolly/tracks and anything else that might give my production a slightly more professional edge. I would also look into hiring media professionals, again this would involve things such as camera men/woman, editors, producers , directors, or even a storyboard artist. I know that if I was to hire these professionals it would allow my production to be completed much quicker and more effectively, as with the product that I made I have done all of it myself, pre-production, filming, editing, the only time that I was depending on other people was when I needed actors, and even then through my careful planning I was not let down.

In conclusion to this I was left more than happy with my finished project, not only with how the video looks, but in my opinion what was slightly more important, all of the work that lead up to putting the video together. Without putting the effort that I did into all of the work before hand I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in now with this project. I am more than happy with what I have managed to achieve on this project and I am proud with the product that I have been left with.






FMP – Product Research

As I am going to be making a promotional video around headphones, I will need to conduct some research into the product itself, to ensure that I give myself the biggest advantage in understanding it. For my production I will be using a pair of headphones that I already own, purely because I don’t feel the need to go out and buy a brand new pair of headphones that I probably won’t use other than for this production.

The headphones that I will be using are made by a company called ‘The House of Marley’, they are built on the principles that they not only deliver a high quality product which is also earth friendly, but they commit to charities gloabaly, as they quote, ‘We are driven to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support efforts to make lives better around the world.’

House of MarleyHouse of Marley 2

These images are just a simple way to advertise the product, I will be using something similar to this to put at the end of my promotional video. The only difference being is that I will create it all myself, taking the photo and then editing it so I am able to use it, which in turn will give my video that professional finish that I need.

House of Marley (2017) House of Marley Principles. Available at: (Accessed: 05 May 2017)


FMP Proposal – Updated

Throughout this course I have looked at a huge variation of different media topics, everything from music videos, sound pieces to corporate videos. As I have covered this many topics it has allowed me to become much more diverse in media, allowing me to understand new theories and learn new skills within editing. Everything that I have learnt throughout this course has given me the opportunity to grow, has given me the confidence to be able to go out into the media industry without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

During the final stages of this course I worked on a ‘TV Studio’ project, this was hugely new to me because we worked a large group to plan, create and execute a lie TV show. This was extremely helpful to me as it gave me the opportunity to work as part of a large group where communication was the most important aspect of the project.

As the planning for this production has gone on I have decided to change the overall concept of my idea, I am now planning to create a promotional video around headphones. I have decided to make this decision because I want to focus my video around one product rather than a whole, and as for the reason as to why it is going to be a promotional video rather than just a standard advert is mainly down to the length, typically an advert will last 20 – 30 seconds where as what I plan to make will last between 70 – 90 seconds. This is mainly due to the fact that I have already done some research into existing products similar to what I want to create, I believe that 70 – 90 seconds is the right length to maintain the interest of an audience through incorporating a variety of different shot types and editing techniques all coming together to create a professionally finished video. Another reason for me wanting to make a promotional video is because I would like to add more work to my portfolio that I have created during my time at college that I can link to furthering my skills whether it be through university or in work.

I have been looking into existing products to help give me the biggest advantage as possible, from the research that I have started I have begun to understand what works and what doesn’t. What I’ve learnt so far is that it all needs to come together, by this I mean the shots, editing and audio. With long boring shots the audience will be left bored, a strong song choice that fits with the type of product needs to be used and it can only be made to look as good as possible with the editing.

During the production of this promotional video I plan to include elements from all of the other projects I have created over my time on this 2 year course. The skills that I have learnt will help me incorporate new and interesting shots, engaging editing techniques and the overall concept idea for the promotional video.

Throughout this project I will be continuously evaluating my work, no matter what it is that I do, this is to make sure I not only give myself the greatest understanding of what I am doing, but to give me the opportunity to improve whenever I can, in turn allowing me to achieve to the upmost of my capability. If I make any changes at all during this project I will make it clear and document in detail through my blog and journal.

FMP Pitch Script

Production schedule Editing week 1, 1st May

Production schedule Editing week 3, 8th May

Production schedule Filming week 1, 17th Apr

Production schedule Filming week 2, 24th Apr

Production schedule Final week

I am going to be making a promotional video about headphones, obviously the main concept for this is to base it all around a set of headphones. I want to keep the whole idea pretty simple as I’m making it by myself I need to keep it realistic, what I think will help me a lot whilst on this project is to include elements of all the different projects that I have been involved in whilst on the duration of this 2 year course.

Although I don’t have a story completely decided I do have a couple of ideas, firstly to put the actor on some kind of journey, travelling from location to location seeing and doing different things. I will have to be careful as from the different projects I have worked on before I know what will lead to a bad video, by this I mean that when you are watching it, it just looks boring and rubbish, not something that you want to continue watching.

Another idea that I have had is to not focus on the headphones at all until the end of the video, by this I mean to have the headphones noticeable during the whole video but make it apparent to the audience that they are the focus at the end. For me this might be slightly more interesting as it almost keeps the audience guessing whilst watching it, keeps them interested. An example I have of this is an advert for a sony tv. As you can see it’s just pretty random as it goes on, focusing on glitter and then when it gets to the end you realise that it was just something on the tv and that’s what the product that was being advertised is.

I plan to make my video no more than 90 seconds, I can’t have it too long because no one wants to watch a long advert, but then I also can’t have it too short so I have to have it somewhere in the middle, enough to incorporate everything that I plan too.

As for my target audience I have been looking into the demographics and psychographics of what can apply to my video, in the end I have come up with the conclusion that the people that will be watching my video are of either gender, between the ages of 17 and 30. Between the classes of C2 and E, meaning that they will be ranging from skilled manual workers to students/unemployed. Although I don’t really agree with this as I feel as though it is not specific enough to define an audience which is why I prefer the Psychographics table, from this I can define my target audience as ‘Explorers’, meaning that they seek discovery, something new, they value a new experience, as well as this they are usually of a younger demographics, basically meaning students.

I looked into a few differnt practitioners, Alice and andre who worked on the sony tv advert which I showed earlier on. Other than this I have got a couple of different inspirations for my product, the first one being the video that I showed earlier, and although they were not headphones I liked the overall concept of keeping the product a mystery until the end. Secondly I looked at an advert for a pair of noise cancelling sony headphones.

This is quite a simple concept of someone just doing something in their day to day life, then they put on a pair of headphones and go on some kind of journey. The main focus in this advert being the music that is used once they put the headphones on, I need to make sure I get my song choice right.

I researched a lot for this project, mainly to get the best understanding of exactly what I wanted to make, I wanted to give myself the biggest advantage that I could for when I go to create the video. I made sure I researched in detail the target audience, some specific practitioners, and what I found most important and helpful some existing products like the adverts that I showed previously. I learnt a lot about how to keep a longer length advert interesting for the audience, by not over complicating things, keeping a simple concept. And keeping what you include relevant to what you want to make, by this I mean keeping to plan, and not including random things to add length. I believe that would just ruin any chances I had of creating something interesting.

Finally I have the production schedule including all the dates for filming editing and the final week….


This is the presentation –



FMP Research


Juan CabrelIs an Argentine film director who started off in graphic design and painting before changing his career to working for Agulia & Baccetti, where he worked on advertisements for HSBC, Sprite and Renault. Since then he has worked on the Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ and Sony Bravias Paint, Balls and Rabbits advertisements.

I have decided to look at this practitioner for a number of reasons, firstly because I did a bit of research into different adverts that I could relate to what I want to make, and upon doing so I came across Juan Cabrel. I wanted to look into more detail at longer length adverts such as the ‘bouncy balls’ which is just short of being two and a half minutes long. I feel like it would be a good adition to my research if I include a range of different long adverts so I can not only have a better understanding of how to keep them interesting and flowing, but to give it a professional finish.

I have also looked into the other adverts that Juan Cabrel has either created or been involved in and they are all really different to anything that I have seen before, just the whole concept of his adverts is so unusual and fascinating. It has really given me some inspiration, and more importantly the desire to create a product of my own that I can be proud of.

Wikipedia (2016) Juan Cabrel. Available at: (Accessed: 21 March 2017)

MJZ (no date) Juan Cabrel. Available at: (Accessed: 21 March 2017)

YouTube (2010) Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)


Andre Stringeris a director, writer and artist whose work ‘stems from a diverse collision of cultures’ such as skateboarding, music and design. Andre is known for his unique work across a wide range of different topics from documentary realism to sophisticated poetry. Over two decades he has worked along side many different companies such as, Sony, Mini, Guinness, HBO, Ford, Nike just to name a few.

I decided to look into this practitioner for a number of reasons, the main one being because I was looking into different existing products when I came across two different ‘Beats by Dre’ adverts. I knew this would be immediatly helpful to me as it would give me more of a chance to not only learn about existing adverts that relate to my idea but to give me inspiration and motivation to help me create something to the upmost of my capabilities.

After looking at the ‘Beats by Dre. The Game Starts Here’ advert I realsied that this was something that I feel as if I can relate to my own idea. This is for a number of reasons first of all the length of the video (02:28), although this is longer than what I plan to make it is a great example to go by. Just from watching it I began to understand how you can maintain the interest of the audience in a longer length advert, from the start you just want to keep watching and find out not only what the product is but what will happen next. I also like the style of these adverts because to start with it’s not obvious as top what they are advertising, as you are watching it you almost have to work out what the product is, what the advert is for. I find this really interesting because it is not making it obvious and it is maintaining the audiences interest and making you think.

Andre Stringer Director (no date) Andre Stringer. Available at: (Accessed: 21 March 2017)


Alice Bottarois a creative director and writer, who is currently the creative director for Mercedes Benz Europe. During her career she has also worked along side cmpanies such as, Sony, Ebay, Mastercard, Electrolux, AEG, Ikea and many many more. As well as this Alice has also worked for a few different agencies in a few different job roles, first of all as a copywriter at McCann Rome and more recently as a creative director for DDB Berlin.

I have looked into the ‘Sony – More Brilliance. More Beauty’ advert where the creative director is Alice Bottaro, but was directed by the previous practitioner I looked at, Andre Stringer. Although this advert is for a whole different product to what I want to base my advert on I still found it very interesting and useful, this advert made me realise that you can incorporate almost anything that is visually interesting and relate it to a product, in this case a lot of glitter is used which in the end turns out to be for a tv advert. This is important because with the longer length adverts it can allow you to become much more inventive and creative with you ideas, which in the end can add up to a professional, unique product.

Alice Bottaro (no date) Alice Bottaro. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)

YouTube (2016) Sony – More Brilliance. More Beauty. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)



After looking on YouTube at different headphone videos that I feel are competition to my own I have found one that appeals to me, it has been made by ‘matchboxfilms’ and is called ‘TDK Headphone Advert’.

I chose this because like me, they created this video for a educational project, and through watching myself I could straight away tell that it was not professional. However the whole concept of it is really simple, yet extremely effective. Throughout the whole video there is only a few different shot types that are used but they are mainly just following the actor as they dance down the street but it keeps changing, viewing him from different angles. Some of the shots are close up to him where as some are shot from behind members of the public who are just walking past paying no attention to what is going on.

The video in itself is just under 60 seconds long making it slightly shorter than the 90 seconds that I plan to make mine, I related to it mainly because clearly there is no budget really involved, just the time and effort to go out and film, and eventually to edit. There is no real narrative to this video just the shots following him down the street dancing, but like I said previously the shots that are used are simple but the way that they are used is what I think makes this video so effective.

The quality of the video isn’t the best and I think thats mainly down to the reason that they probably didn’t have much of a budget, if any at all. This would of just meant that they would of had to either borrow someone else’s equipment or they had some of their own, not only this but the video was uploaded to YouTube 10 years ago. Meaning that since then technology has vastly developed aswell as becoming much more affordable to a wider range of people, I believe that this video is a really good bit of competition for me to go by purely because I want to make something like that, with a really simple concept but does exactly what it needs to which is to show off the project and keep you interested throughout the whole video.

YouTube (2007) TDK Headphone Advert. Available at: (Accessed: 31 March 2017)


Target Audience:

The main target audience for a longer length promotional video for headphone are of either gender between the ages of 17-30. I have chosen this age because it is the age of people who are still within education to people in their working life. Although headphones and the adverts appeal to absolutely anyone of all ages it is definetely more common to those between the ages of 17-30. I believe that this is the case for a number of reasons, first of all people of that age spend alot more time than other age groups travelling, whether or not its on the train to college or the bus to work, and not only this but travelling across the country or even the world. Headphones are a product that most people find very important in those kind of situations.

I have also chosen that specific age range (17-30) because of what I am going to be incorporating within my promotional video, firstly the actor/actress that I will use will be a young adult which automatically relates the audience to the video as it is someone of a similar age. Secondly one of the most important aspects of a headphone advert, and that is the music, and although there are so many different music genres that appeal to different kinds of people I plan to use something that people may have heard of before. Something that is quite well known that the audience can recognise and relate too, I plan too use music that is quite uplifting and encourages positive emotion which I believe will appeal to the audience in a much more positive way.

Demographics – is information used within media to define audiences into specific catergories such as age, gender, race etc. Demographics are broken down into different bands depending on peoples different jobs and status.Demographics

Psychographics – this divides people into more specific groups based on things like social class, lifestyle and personality characteristics, It is mainly based on the assumption that the types of products and brands that people purchase reflect thats persons characteristics and patterns of living.


From using my research on demographics and psychographics I am able to specifically describe my target audience furter than just talking about there age. I would say that the kind of people that my promotional headphone video is aimed at are males and females between the ages of 17-30 between C2 and E, meaning that it will typically be students, perhaps unemployed to skilled manual workers such as builders, plumbers etc. However I feel as if the demographic table is an unfair way of defining a target audience as the options between A – E are far too broad and definetly not specific enough. That is why I agree much more with the pschographics table and it looks into much more detail about the person, for example what do they like, what do they do and what there personality is like. That is why I would use the term ‘Explorers’ to specifically define my target audience, explorers are people that typically seek discovery, something new. They value individualism and new experiences, these are also usually a younger demographics (students).


SlideShare (2013) Demographics and Psychographics. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)

Wikipedia (2017) Demographics and Psychographics. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)


Legal and Ethical Issues:

Music – During the course of this final projects I will need to be careful of a few legal issues that could effect my production, luckily these things can be easily avoided. First of all one of the main parts of my production will be music as it will be based around headphones, so to avoid any legal issues with the music that I choose to use I will need a make sure of a few things. First of all the music may need to be royalty free, meaning that anyone can use it, but as royalty free music can be quite limited in terms of how much variety is available I can get into contact with the owner of the track. This will just be a case of asking for their permission to use the track on my production. Thirdly another way around using music in my production is to purchase it and by doing so I then have the right to use that music within my own work.

Locations – Another legal issue is to do with where I decide to film my production, if it is a public area then there will not be any problems, and in regards to members of the public that may be in view of that shot I will jsut need to make sure that they are not recogniseable. However if I decide that I need to shoot some of my production on private land I will need to get the owners permission to use it, otherwise it will obviously be breaking the law which could cause problems for my whole project.

Film Classification (BBFC) – BBFC are an independent company that are trusted in safely regulating media content across the UK, the main aim is to protect the public (mainly children) from seeing content that may cause risk. They want to empower the public, especially parents to make informed viewing choices. The main reason as to way these age ratings (U, PG, 12, 12A, 18 etc) are in place is so that people don’t view content that is not suitable for them, so this could be protecting them from anything such as bad language, graphic scenes, gambling, drug use, basically everything that you can imagine.

There are also a lot of ethical issues that I need to take into account with my production, the first one being representation. This is such an important topic to be careful about because people can be easily offended, I will need to make sure I represent age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, social issues etc in a balanced way that will not cause any upset to anyone. Secondly is sterotypes, in a way this is similar to representation as I need to be careful as to how I show my actor/actress. For example if I want them to portray a certain kind of person I need to make sure that it won’t be offencive to anyone. Finally is ideology these are ideas and beliefs, held by media practitioners, which are often represented in their media texts. In a documentary about a war on drugs, the representation of their story could be influenced by the ideology of the filmmaker or producer.

ASA – The ASA, ‘Advertising Standards Agency’ is the UK’s independent regulator across all media, they apply the advertising codes which are written by the ‘Committees of Advertising Practice’ (CAP).

There are many different codes to advertising, I have looked into greater detail the codes that will apply to my production, first of all is ‘misleading adverstising’. Some of the main rules for this are as follows,

‘Marketing communications must not materially mislead or be likely to do so.’

‘Obvious exaggerations (“puffery”) and claims that the average consumer who sees the marketing communication is unlikely to take literally are allowed provided they do not materially mislead.’

‘Marketing communications must not mislead the consumer by omitting material information. They must not mislead by hiding material information or presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner.’

‘Material information is information that the consumer needs to make informed decisions in relation to a product. Whether the omission or presentation of material information is likely to mislead the consumer depends on the context, the medium and, if the medium of the marketing communication is constrained by time or space, the measures that the marketer takes to make that information available to the consumer by other means.’

‘For marketing communications that quote prices for advertised products, material information includes: the main characteristics of the product, the identity (for example, a trading name) and geographical address of the marketer and any other trader on whose behalf the marketer is acting, the price of the advertised product, including taxes, or, if the nature of the product is such that the price cannot be calculated in advance, the manner in which the price is calculated, delivery charges, the arrangements for payment, delivery, performance or complaint handling, if those differ from the arrangements that consumers are likely to reasonably expect, that consumers have the right to withdraw or cancel, if they have that right.’

Through looking into the rest of the adversting codes on the ASA website I cannot see any more issues that I will come across during my production, I believe that any problems no matter how small I have accounted for them through writing a detailed description on not only the problem, but how to overcome it.

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Related Ideas/Concepts:

I have begun my research by looking into pre-existing product that are similar to my idea for FMP, I started by looking on youtube at some longer length adverts for headphones.

The first advert I came across was for a pair of noise cancelling sony headphones, this really appealed to me as it was a really simple concept of someone just putting on some headphones and not being able to hear the rest of the world but it was made in such a way that made it really interested in not only the advert but the product too.

Secondly I looked at a different stlye of advert which was for a pair of beats headphones, this was a hugely different style to the sony advert. There was quick shot changes, bright colours, more energetically sounding music and the use of celeberity endorsement. It’s good for me to look at a range of different style adverts because it gives me a more confident view on what I can create for my own advert.

I have began to look at different advertising techniques that I can later apply to not only my test shots but my final product, and after looking further into this ‘Beats Headphones advert’ it became clear what one of the main drawing points was, and that is through the use of celebrity endorsement. This is such a good way to advertise a product as people recognise the celebrities straight away, the audience see that they have this ‘new’ product and they want it purely because people massively look up to celebrities and want to be like them.

I wanted to conduct further research on who this product (Beats Headphones) are most popular with, not only looking into their demographics but their lifestyle, personality among other things. I did this because it gave me a greater understanding of exactly what type of people would be viewing my promotional video so I can aim it towards them, as one of the most important things when in a production like this is to have a direct target audience so you know exactly who you are aiming your production towards.

YouGov - Beats headphones

YouGov (no date) You Gov Profiles. Available at: (Accessed: 23 March 2017)


Technical Requirements:

I have been looking into the technical requirements for my video, firstly just looking into the type of shots that I want to incorporate. I don’t want to over complicate anything during this production as I know from experience that it doesn’t always work exactly the way you want it too. As I have already conducted research around existing promotional headphone videos I know exactly what works and what doesn’t, for example quickshots that are cut to the beat matched with strong, simple shots that create an impact.

A few simple shots that I know that I will be using more than others will be a ‘close up shot’, ‘extreme close up shot’, ‘long shot’ and an ‘establishing shot’. First of all the extreme close up, as you can see the main drawing point to this is the eyes. This type of shot is mainly used to allow the audience to enter the characters intimate space, revealing certain emotions and characterisics.

ECU Shot

Secondly is the ‘close up shot’ which is used in a similar way to the ‘ECU’ just showing more of the face to an audience, this allows the audience to find out more about the character, what might be like which in turn would give them a greater understanding of the production.

CU Shot

Next is the long shot, this shows off the whole character, head to toe, and not only does this allow the audience to view all of the character, but their surrounding area. For example where they might be, what might be the reasoning for them being there. I would be using this shot to show off the location as well as discreatly revealing the product that I will be adverstising, this is because although the shot is clear, it would be too far away for the audience to know exactly what was being advertised.

Long shot

An establishing shot is typically used at the start of a scene to indicate where and sometimes when, the rest of that scene takes place. For example during my test shots/production at the start of the video I will be showing off the area/views where the rest of the production will take place.

Establishing Shot

For one of the next parts of my project I will be conducting some rough test shots and putting together a rough edit, this will help me in a number of ways, first of all giving me more experience using my camera, in turn allowing me to have better quality footage. Secondly with the rough edit I plan to make it around 20 – 30 seconds long, and this will just be to help me decide if I want or need to make any major changes to my production. I plan to edit it over a song, I haven’t made a final decision on what song to use yet and I know that through completing the rough edit it will help me in making that decision. It will also give me a bit of an idea as to whether or not I need to make any changes to my filming or editing techniques, just to ensure that I give myself the biggest possible advantage.


Cost/Budget/Production Issues:

My production should have a next to nothing budget, as I still have some work to do on the production as to where I will be filming etc it will be impossible to give any exact details. But in regards to travelling to different locations to film it will only be a short train/bus journey away which is more than affordable. And as for any crew/actors the cost will remain as nil, this is because I will be doing all of the production work myself, but if I do happen to need some assistance along the way for any reason it will just be a case of asking a friend or another college student, again this would be for free to keep any production costs down to a minimum.

As for any actors I again plan to ask other college students or friends who I know will be able to get the job done with me. I will need to carefully manage things along the way so I can rely on any actors, I will be doing this through contacting them well in advanced so get specific filming dates arranged.

Throught the adverts that I have previously looked at its obvious of the large budget that they have, not only because it is a large world-wide company but the overall content. The props that are used, the locations that the adverts are filmed in an also the equipment that is used. It is clear to tell that from some of the shots that are used the equipment that would have been used to get the shots would be expensive and unfortunatly something that is out of my reach.

Although I don’t have the access or the funds for that equipment it is not something that I am going to let get in my way, through being at the college I have the ability to loan a wide range of different media products, everything from cameras, tripods, microphones and much more. And most helpful of all this is all free to loan which is a massive help for my production.

Through completing further research I have found a couple of different companies that focus there attention on funding new and establishing filmmakers, this would be very helpful to me in the future if I had plans to create a film with a more ambitious budget. The budget that these companies provide would be used all across a production, from travel and food, to loaning equpiment, and even production crew/actors. It is something that would need very careful planning and a strong vision as to what wants to be created.

The next thing that I looked into as part of cost/budget for my production was if I was actually have a large budget so I could hire more, better quality equipment as well as a crew to help me a long with it. I first looked at a company that hire out media equipment called ‘Mediadog’ who have everything I would need such as cameras, tripods, lighting, audio and much more. I have worked out that if I was to fit my production into 2 days of filming the total cost for all of the equipment to hire would be £370.00. This includes a high quality, professional camera, tripod and dolly/track.

Next I began to look into exactly how much it would cost to hire a crew to assist me in this production, whether it be through filming or in post production, (editing). As this is only a smaller production with quite a simple concept I won’t need to have much of a crew, so through looking at a couple of different website I have found a ‘Camera Operator which costs £371.00 for 10 hours of work. As well as this I would need to hire an editor, which again after a bit of research I have founf for £15.54, and this is for the editing of a video that will be between 30 seconds and 1 minute long. After completing this research I have found out that to professionally create this production, crew and equipment included would cost at the very minumum, £756.54.

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Evaluate and Interpret the Research:

The research that I have completed on this project has helped shape my ideas in a number of ways. First of all through I had a look into some chosen media practitioners, this helped me as I was looking into some of their existing products, it gave me some insight as to what actually works in longer length adverts, how you can incorperate elements to keep something interesting for an audience. Without looking into the existing products like I did I don’t think that I would of been in the position with this project that I am now, knowing exactly what I can do next in order to move forward with the next steps neccessary.

Secondly researching target audience, this point was as important to me as the last, due to the fact that you cannot make a video without having a specific target audience to aim it towards, for example you cannot advertise a product for an older demographic when it is clearly for students. It was important for me to not only look into the demographics but the pschographics of defining a target audience, through completing this in my research I was able to aim my product that I wanted to advertise towards not only a specific age range and gender, but a personality, their job, what hobbies and interests they have. Having this specific a target was helpful to me as throughout the project I know what I will need to incorporate in my video, whether it be through the actors that I use, the clothes they wear, or even the music that I will use.

I believe that my best source which I used for my research was ‘YouGov‘, this was due to the fact that I was able to choose any product (beats headphones) and get a detailed description of the persons demographics, lifestyle, personality among other things. Again this will help me to shape what my idea and give me a clear path moving forward. As well as this source I also came across the websites for ‘BBFC’ and ‘ASA’, I was able to use these sources to help me understand the rules and regulations when creating my product, for example within the BBFC website it gives detailed descriptions as to what is actually allowed to be shown to specific age ranges, what is suitable for them. As for the ASA website it links perfectly to the product that I want to make, an advertisement, and this was helpful as it goes on to give a description as to what can actually be incorporated into a advert without it being not suitable for purpose, for example misleading, offensive etc.

If I was to do this research again with an unlimited budget there is only one thing that I would change, and that would be hiring professionals to do it for me, not because I am not capable of doing it as I have proved that I am, but it would give me more of a chance to focus more time and effort into something else on the project. Which in the end could benefit me through having even better, more detailed research and the oppurtunity to work longer on other parts of the project that I needed to.

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TV Show Production – Evaluation

ð        Evaluate how you met audience needs – produce a detailed evaluation exploring the ways in which your TV show would engage with a specific audience. Be critical of your own work and reflect on how successful you have been.

The specific target audience for our show (The Ozie Gilbert Show), is 16-34 year olds. This was chosen because if the show was to be broadcasted on real tv it would be on channel 4 (C4), again with the main target audience being 16-34 year olds. We made this decision as a group for a number of reasons, firstly because we did some research into the history of the Channel 4 (C4) schedule slot when we would air our show, 9.00 pm to 9.30pm. And through doing so we discovered that during this time, after the watershed the programmes became more provocative and the overall content became more towards what we were looking to include within our show. For example within our show we included a few different inserts, not only to break up the shopw a bit, but to keep it interesting and appealing to the audience. Obviously the main focus for us was to create a decent length show, with good content that kept the audience interested. One of our main inserts (Joe Investigates) was based around the Mandela effect, and we made sure to include content that would appeal to our younger specific target audience through including different things that they would know about, perhaps even see/hear of in their every day life. This is one of the main ways that we made the show feel slightly more personal, as like I said it included things that the audience see day to day. The main topic of this show was conspiracy theories, this topic as a whole can be considered as quite controversial. This is because some people can really agree with them where as some people can consider them as outragious, this is why we had to be careful in what content we included within our show. We knew from the start that we would have to include some balanced views and opinions as well as providing some interesting information to the audience that would also help them learn more about the project.

After looking back and watching our tv show it made me realise a few things, firstly although we were not left with the best quality product which wasn’t exactly what we expected it still met our aim towards the target audience. I feel as though one of the main things that let the show down was the set, this is because the whole show looked quite dark, I don’t feel like we had the best lighting which became apparent when watching the show back. Secondly our set was quite plain, we only had a couple of chairs and a table, with one of the positives being the personalised mug we had made for the show which added a slight bit of professionalism to the show. I feel that with a larger budget we could have been a lot more inventive with the set, including more interesting furniture, some props linked with the topic of the show and finally, something that I feel would make a huge difference which would be to include some bright colours. This is because our show is aimed towards younger people so we not only have to include interesting content, but something great to look at, that makes the audience really engaged.

Although throughout the whole show we included all of the content that we had planned to, I feel that overall it wasn’t delivered in the best way from start to finish. I feel that one of the main reasons for this was because of the organisation of the whole show, from the start we had the plan that we would have at least one guest. If this was arranged a lot earlier on in the project it would have given the guest a long time to learn the show, learn about conspiracy theories and most importantly learn about the script. The main problem we encountered as a group during this project was that with a week before the deadline we did not have a guest sorted for the show. Without a guest we would not of been able to have a full length tv show so I had to step forward and become the guest even though I was only given the script a few days before the live show.

Whilst on this project I had a few different job roles, during the pre-production stage I had the role of the storyboard artist. During this part of the project as each person only had one job role we got this completed quite quickl;y and to a good standard as each person had aboout a week to focus on each individual piece of pre-production document. Moving on to the production stage of this project I had the role as one of the camera operators, this again was quite a straight forward role as the producer only wanted stationary cameras for the show. And as one of the camera operators I just had to make sure it was always in focus, and that the shot was correct. But as the project moved on and approached the deadline we had not yet found someone to become the guest, this became a major problem for us as without a guest we would not of been able to create the show. I then decided to move forward and volunteered myself to become the guest, I wasn’t very confident in this as it was so close to the deadline and I had never seen the script so I knew it would have to be something that I had to try and learn quickly and jsut give the best attempt that I could.



TV Show – Pre-production documents

The ideas

My first idea for a tv show was to have a simple cooking show with a comedic aspect, each show would have 2 different guests that would compete in challenges against one another, with a point system in place. The comedic aspect would come into place throughout the ongoing show. I would have to make sure that the production is not entirely scripted, due to the fact that if it was scripted the show would not flow successfully. For this reason, I am going to leave the construction of the script almost open to the guests, making sure that I include flash cards or hints, so that the guests are able to keep on the set topic, which in turn would maintain the overall concept and planning of the show, keeping it to an acceptable length.

This idea would appeal to a younger audience, perhaps tweet he ages of 16 – 30. This is mainly down to the fact that people of these ages will be either be in education or starting a career related to cooking.  If I was to air this show on real tv would go with channel 4 at around 6-7pm, this is due to the fact that there are already some cooking shows on that channel and this show would add something new and engaging for the audience.

Idea 1 concept art

The second idea is for a tv show based around conspiracy theories, as a group we knew that this would be quite difficult as having a weekly show lasting between 20 – 30 mins talking about different conspiracy theories could become tedious. That is why we have decided to not name our tv show about conspiracies, but around the presenter, and each week that the show is aired there will be a diffferent topic allowing us to keep the content fresh and able to use a variety of guests. In turn this will make the show much more interesting as well as continuing to give the audience fresh content. For the show that we will be airing as part of our project we will be basing it around conspiracy theories, including footage from inside the tv shows which will include different questions and discussions around the topic. As well as this we plan to include a few different inserts to not only keep the show interesting but to break it up so the audience is not bored watching the same shot for a long period of time.

For this show I believe that it can appeal to the target audience in a number of ways, the main reason being that this show has something to offer something to everyone. This is due to the fact the show will change topics on a weekly basis, so as well as having the people that will watch the show on a regular basis there will be the opportunity to entice a wider range of people through the new weekly topics. If this show was to be aired on real tv the specific slot would be on channel 4, at around 9pm on the weekend.


Storyboard – 

Floor plan –

Floor Plan

Risk Assessments –

Jays grave insert risk assessment

Mandela effect insert risk assessment

Skeptic revolution risk assessment

Mandela effect contributer consent form –

Mandela effect contributer consent

Set design concept art –

Set design concept art

Script –

The ozie gilbert show script (Joes version)

The Ozie Gilbert Show Logo –

Ozie Gilbert show logo

Group meeting sheets –

10th November

17th November

21st November

28th November

2nd December

8th December

3rd January